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Full Invasion 3 is a multiplayer cooperative PvE mod for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, in which players work together to fight hordes of computer controlled enemies. It is produced and developed by Wave 53 Studios, currently headed by Maroon and Borridian.

Its predecessor, Full Invasion 2, is still the most popular multiplayer module in Warband's long and decorated history. Be sure to join our Discord server and follow our ModDB to stay notified of any news and updates in the future.

The first version of the mod is available now!

This mod only works with Bannerlord version 1.2.9!

So what kind of mod is this?

In Full Invasion 3, you fight together with other players to defeat a large horde of enemies. Your objective is to defend several capture points, similar to the Native Siege gamemode. As you fight, you progress into better classes and equipment through your weapon masteries and your class' level.

Excuse me? Masteries and levels?

That's right! We've created an entirely new progression system, that ditches the gold system used by Native. Instead, we make use of two methods to track your progression: Skill Mastery and Class Level.

  • Skill Masteries work essentially the same as proficiency in singleplayer: if you use a skill, you get experience for that skill's mastery. Increasing your Mastery in a skill unlocks better equipment in that category, and is required to unlock higher tier classes. This means your Mastery levels carry over between classes too.
  • Class Level indicates your character's experience with the current class they are playing as. Progression to your class level is made by gaining any kind of experience while playing as the class, and it's used to unlock better armour and horse armour for your class. Logically, your class level does not carry over between classes.

Please note that Full Invasion 3 does not make use of persistent progression, and never will. That means that your progress is tracked in a match, but once the match is done, your progression resets!

This system is still being developed, and will be much expanded in the future. One of our goals is to include (almost) every skill from singleplayer in a meaningful way to Full Invasion (for example: Engineering for using/maintaining siege equipment, Scouting for... scouting, Leadership and Charm for bolstering your allies, and much more).

The "Full" part of "Full Invasion" (pending)

Note: The current version of FI3 is an early one, and only makes use of Native factions. The upcoming versions will gradually introduce more factions.

What makes Full Invasion unique is that it combines factions from all different eras and worlds into one mod. Want to fight as Napoleonic line infantry next to a Teutonic Knight, fencing off invading Uruk-hai? Full Invasion is the mod for you!

So grab your friends, or make new ones on the battlefield! Full Invasion 3 is the ultimate Bannerlord mod for an amazing multiplayer cooperative experience.

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Greetings, Defenders

Version 0.2.0 of Full Invasion 3 is live right now! After a few weeks of beta testing, this brand new version contains a lot of improvements and additions to the base mod, clearing the way to add brand new factions in future releases.

Come join us on our Discord server to find other players and to stay up to date on news for future releases!

You can support us on Patreon to get early release to upcoming versions and other goodies!

Download links

Client download

Server files download (only needed if you host a server)

dire wolves

The Dire Wolves, one of the new boss waves, with some... special features.


Major additions

  • Added 3 new maps:
    • Mecalovea by Sheepbitter
    • Norheim by Klassix
    • Ruins of Sasamu by Sheepbitter
  • Added bosses to the invasion! Bosses spawn every 10% of the invasion healthbar, so there are 10 boss waves in total.
  • Added cavalry to the invasion! Cavalry is only enabled on certain maps, to ensure they don't break. Future releases will support cavalry on all maps.
  • Added healthbars to all agents (bots, players, horses, etc). These can be turned off in a new menu.
  • Added a complex system of modifiers and powers that can be applied to many different game objects. Currently only in use on boss waves.
  • Added a lot of sound effects to the mod to bring several features to life.

Minor additions

  • The loadout UI has had a facelift, replacing placeholder assets with gorgeous new assets created by Czar.
  • Added props to heal your horse and shields.
  • Added a background system that automatically generates random weapons using weapon parts, to support random weapon boxes in the future. Currently used for... something else.
  • Added the Battanian Scout class, a Soldier tier Battanian cavalry class.
  • Added a lot more background features and systems to support future plans.
  • Added a nice custom loading screen for the mod.
  • Players can now ready & spectate if no spawnpoints are available.


Version 0.2.0 also adds support for giant enemies, with giant players also being an option in the future.

Balance changes

  • Bots now all get more health as the invasion progresses, starting at 100 health and ending at... more.
  • Bots also get more health if more players join a server.
  • Tweaked the balance between the amount of ranged/infantry(/cavalry) bots that spawns.
  • Made several changes to the required levels of items for recruit classes.
  • Made ranged AI a bit less accurate in general.
  • Made several changes to XP gain, to even out the progression of item types more.
  • Blocking attacks with a shield now grants XP.
  • Added a fadeout timer for unused mounts.
  • Shields now all have proper resistance values, making them more effective.
  • Fixed several lances that couldn't actually couch.
  • Added shields to all Sturgian classes.
  • Buffed heavy crossbows to deal significantly more damage.
  • Tweaked the health values of siege equipment.
  • Numerous changes to the existing maps to make them more interesting and fix issues.
  • Reduced the level requirement for the Commoner's ridiculous armor from 50 to 25.


  • Fixed an innumerable amount of crashing issues (most of which were added by the new features).
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when leaving a server.
  • Fixed using the armory counting as a death.
  • Fixed the scoreboard not updating when it should.
  • Fixed usable object markers not showing on the proper locations when using a non-16:9 monitor.
  • Fixed the UI from showing all polearms as 2 handed polearms. They now also properly show whether they can be braced and/or couched.
  • Fixed bastard weapons showing as 1 handed weapons in the UI.
  • Fixed the class preview always showing male characters even if you're not.
  • Various performance fixes that should help the game run smoother.
Full Invasion 3 is launching February 26th!

Full Invasion 3 is launching February 26th!

News 5 comments

Surprise! The 0.1.0 version of Full Invasion 3 will be released to the public on February 26th 2023! Find out more about the latest changes in this post.

Full Invasion 3 Progress Report #2

Full Invasion 3 Progress Report #2

News 3 comments

We're once again sharing the progress we've made in the development of Full Invasion 3, and our plan for the first release!

Full Invasion 3 Progress Report #1

Full Invasion 3 Progress Report #1

News 2 comments

It's been 2 months since we ramped up the development of Full Invasion 3, here's what we've been working on so far!

Development on Full Invasion 3 is underway!

Development on Full Invasion 3 is underway!

News 4 comments

We've gotten started on developing Full Invasion 3, and hope to release a proof of concept version of the mod as soon as the Bannerlord dedicated server...

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Full Invasion 3 Version Full Download

Full Invasion 3 Version Full Download

Full Version 22 comments

The full version of Full Invasion 3 can be downloaded here! Click "Read more" for installation steps.

Full Invasion 3 Server Files

Full Invasion 3 Server Files


The server files required to run your own server of Full Invasion 3!

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Guest - - 692,926 comments

Guys there is no install guide included, cant find one on the page ether

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Danijongo - - 5 comments

This is amazing.

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can't wait for this

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I hope FI3 under Bannerlord Engine would be much smoother

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the kings are coming back mates

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how will it be done? Will it be like the bannerlord but with coop features or will it be just battles? I really wish there was a mod where I could conquer Carldia along with him, form armies, participate in sieges and help him on the battlefield, I'm waiting for a mod of this warband, I expected TaleWords to coop the game, but it didn't happen

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GLA_Marauder_Drake - - 25 comments

This is just a sequel of FI2 for Warband, it was only focused for multiplayer PvE matches with many different factions to fight and defend. It has nothing common with CooP campaign.

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