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New update for Fortress OF DOOM, New Weapons, reworks, new map.

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Hello everyone, welcome to the new update, I've been working hard on replacing most of the Doom weapons and adding unique new ones to the table, also a new map is coming too, more on the updates down below, we do need mappers for the project, so if your interested read until the end.


-New Weapon/item - SMG and armor.


-2Fort Intel Room.


-Outside Middle SuperShotgun area.


-New Weapon - RocketLauncher.


-New Map - Killhouse B, and New Sniper Rifle.


- New Weapon - Lightning Gun (replaces plasma)


New Merc sprites are being worked on.

(also taunting and hurt sounds are now in the game!)

Also, something big is coming!


Stay tuned :)

I have to say thank you to everyone who is supporting this project, I couldn't thank you enough, thank you for the playtesters dealing with my crap, it means a lot :)

if you want to playtest or even help me make maps come and visit our Discord!

More updates soon

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