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After more than a year of development I can say with relief the AvP Redux mod is complete.

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After more than a year and a half of development I can say with relief the AvP Classic Redux mod is finally wrapping up. What started with a few sound and texture changes has turned into an overhaul of the entire game. Multiplayer is done. Singleplayer is done. All the models, weapons, sounds, textures, and maps are done. No part of the original AvP was left untouched.

To the people following, from old school fans of AvP to those who recently discovered it, I beg you to play the game all the way through right now. If you don't own it already buy it on Steam. If you find yourself stuck in singleplayer or a particular level is too hard, download my completed profile. You will appreciate the game and the mod so much more after seeing the changes for yourself.

However, I'm still a few weeks away from release. Currently I'm polishing and tweaking minor things here and there that would probably go unnoticed if I skipped them, but I notice and that's what counts. Next I will send the mod to a few testers. Lastly, I need to make a release trailer then package the mod into a public download for the site. Altogether it will be around 2-4gb in size and possibly more. But think of it this way: you're getting more game than AvP3, which weighs in at 19gb. I won't put up minimum requirements, but if you can run AvP3 moderately well you should be OK. Older computers and laptops will cry.

The next time I post news it will be for the mod's release. Stay tuned.

somebodys_kid - - 24 comments

Looking forward to this. I've delayed my playthrough specifically for this mod.

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CorporalHicks - - 302 comments

I was wondering - do you touched the game speed too? You know in AvP 1, even with the marine you are FLYing through the levels. After all these years I found it ridiculous. Back then it was fine because every shooter was this way, but when AvP 2 came out and I realised how funny is AvP 1 speed compared to AvP 2's speed.

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,119 comments

I'm excited about release.

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Ravious - - 241 comments

I bought the game a few months back for this mod. I hope it'll be entertaining.

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m30w - - 37 comments

Can't wait to see the improvements made to this great game.

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