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Bethesda says the first multiplayer Fallout game will find a way to include mod support.

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In an interview with Youtube Gaming (via PC Gamer), Bethesda Softworks' Todd Howard confirmed that mod support will be coming to Fallout 76 – however, it won’t happen until sometime after the game launches.

"We love mods, and so we are 100 percent committed to doing that in [Fallout] 76 as well. We will not be able to do that at launch though"

Mod support was initially in question when it came to Fallout 76 as it is the first title in the series to feature multiplayer gameplay, being designed around shared worlds powered by dedicated servers. Introducing mod support into such an environment would obviously result in discrepancies between players’ experiences on the one server.

Howard elaborates on how these issues will be resolved:

"We love mods, and so we are 100 percent committed to doing that in 76 as well. We will not be able to do that at launch though. Our goal for launch—this is really new for us—is have a well-running, robust service, and then some period later, we're currently still designing what that service looks like, you'll be able to have your own private world and be able to mod it and do all of that. With our games, that's where the long-term life of them really is. That is trickier when you get into an online world, but we're definitely committed to that. It just won't be at launch."

Mod support has been integral to the long-term success of Bethesda’s open-world RPGs on PC, and more recently on console too, considering the developer’s move toward allowing mods on console platforms.


However, Bethesda’s E3 press conference last year caused some controversy with the announcement of the Creation Club, a rebranded initiative to provide paid mods through a Bethesda-managed storefront for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4. While third-party, user-created mods could still be installed, it’s likely that Fallout 76’s mod support would be more integrated into the Creation Club, considering the game’s online functionality.

We don’t have any solid details beyond Howard’s comments today, however, so we’ll keep you updated with Bethesda’s Fallout 76 modding plans as soon as they’re announced.




CyborgParrot - - 1,733 comments

I'm kinda excited and worried about Fallout 76.

I'm excited we're finally getting a Fallout Game with Co-op/Multiplayer!

But I'm also worried that it's gonna be fully Online.

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Guest - - 692,327 comments

I am excited and worried about Fallout 76
I excited it's a Fallout game that's coming out; worried it will be too graphic intensive, cannot use HD settings on card. The "on-line" just allows more discoverable areas, won't take a lot of hard drive space. From the different interviews the single player option either means your character is not discoverable or the other players are not discoverable, confused because there is no NPC's but there are quests.

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Hetman_of_Eagle - - 80 comments

I have mixed feelings about this, but I'll try to stay positive.

I hope they'll add some sort off private worlds, servers etc.

Sure - I know that there's a lot of people that like this idea of wandering around wastelands with friends or other players, but I always preffered to play alone(but I actually like the idea of co-op campaign), that's why I hope there will be some sort of singleplayer mode(ain't gonna remind that Bethesda claimed itself to be "a last bastion of singleplayer campaings" about six months ago).

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crates1349 - - 13 comments

No SP, sorry guys.

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Comrade14 - - 17 comments

Guess we're gonna have to wait for mods like "tales from the commonwealth" to get quests from anything other than robots and terminals, so bad.

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tyrusaran - - 23 comments

NOOOOO dumbasses, it will be CC "mods" thats what Todd "conman" Howard means.

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UkraLife - - 207 comments

I will wait this Fallout release to play

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SlayerSTK - - 146 comments

This always online thing bothers me, since theres a lot of survival games with the ability to make a solo map offline, host in p2p for friends or make a server for many players to play in your map, with or without mods.
After CC i have my doubts about the modding capabilities and access.
Guess its better to wait for reviews and streams of the BETA, later the Release, to have a better idea of what Bethesda is actuality trying to do in practice.

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***Geroj*** - - 2,161 comments

Bethesda never understood that fallout was not about wacky robots or cliche mutated monsters, it was humorous satire on 50ties and it was damn good RPG with meaningful choices, branching dialogues and great story and characters. This perversion of original is just soulless corporate milking of that IP and it will continue with mobile games ..oh wait, probably with battle royale and microtransactions

Sorry for rant, now GET of my lawn

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MustachioedMarmot - - 21 comments

Todd's description of what modding will look like is too nebulous an answer for an always-online title. "[...] you'll be able to have your own private world and be able to mod it and do all of that." They are already taking pre-orders for a game where I'm guessing at least half of their potential audience would like the ability to mod. And yet no concrete details on what that'll look like. Oh well.

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SirSmite - - 26 comments

I get the feeling that Todd Howard is referring to CC mods rather than, say, Nexus mods. Since when did mod makers wait for Bethesda to support them in order for mods to start showing up?

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Emperors_Fist - - 1,092 comments

Creation Club only, I presume?

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captainfrost20 - - 91 comments

..... How will it even be moddable? It just doesn't make sense.

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foo_jam2002 - - 864 comments

Bethesda has made the Fallout franchise a cash cow and they don't know how to do even that properly.

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Guest - - 692,327 comments

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TamyKnockers - - 4 comments

Most of 76 is stuff they ripped from Nexus modding community so would be nice to mod cheers

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