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Elite's Conflict Mod v1.3.0 will be released on March 25th, 2021! HEROIC Studios is proud to present the biggest update this mod has ever seen. More units, more planets, a completely redesigned galaxy map, high definition planet textures, and so much more! As always we strive to improve gameplay and balance between the playable factions. We've also fixed errors, increased stability, and addressed many bugs. This version of ECM is the most stable of any release. We look forward to playing with yo

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  • Elite's Conflict Mod Overview
    • ECM focuses on the conflict between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. ECM features new galactic campaigns, units, models, textures, compositions, effects, particles, and so much more!
    • Our mission is to create a memorable and fun experience for anyone who enjoys strategy games or simply loves Star Wars, just like us. Our teams love and care for this game has only grown and we want to share this fantastic adventure with you.
    • We look forward to seeing you on the front lines. Check us out on Steam, Discord, or follow our Mod DB page:
  • Elite's Conflict Mod: v1.3.0 Upcoming Release
    • Since the release of ECM v1.2 Demo #2 almost two years ago, we have been hard at work to bring ECM and Empire at War into the next decade. This update is massive and some of the changes are detailed below:
      • Added new units to both factions
      • Updated new unit models, icons, and textures
      • Implemented HD textures for all planets
      • Redesigned the entire Galactic Conquest map, adding new planets, trade routes, and everything else that comes with this endeavor
      • Skirmish adjustments
      • Population value changes
      • Economy adjustments
      • Balancing and gameplay improvements
      • Numerous bug, error, and crash fixes ({HEROIC}CNKommander, thank you so much for your work on this)
      • And more!
  • Elite's Conflict Mod The Road Ahead
    • Going forward, HEROIC Studios will do its best to support, patch, and improve ECM v1.3.0 with supplemental versions. However, our sights are set on development of ECM v1.4.0. Your help with suggestions, feedback, and gameplay discussions are critical to our success. Please view our Discord server to join our community and help with further releases.
  • Development Team Applications
    • If you'd like to do even more, we are also looking to bring more people onto our development team. Please message {HEROIC}CNKommander on any of our platforms!
  • Screenshots
    • New Galaxy Map
    • Victory II-class Star Destroyer
    • Quasar Fire-class Cruiser
    • Skirmish One - HD Planet
    • Skirmish Two - HD Particles

Galaxy Map v1.3

Victory II-class Star Destroyer


Skirmish One

Skirmish Two

  • Like What You See...? Elite's Conflict Mod

HEROIC Studios


An unexpected birthday gift! How Thoughtful!! Looking forward to giving this a whirl!

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Sounds amazing, can't wait to play it

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