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Welcome back, Commander (by both TD and RA EVA sounds)!

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If you've been following DTA at all in the last few months, you've noticed that we've been baking something awesome in our virtual workshops. Something that adds a lot of maps, a massive amount of general updates and features, and two new sides making DTA not only a heavily extended Tiberian Dawn.. but a well-balanced game unifying both Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert into one epic classic C&C experience.

If you haven't checked out our trailer yet, you can view it above. But I'm talking too much now, right?

Get it now!


Full ZIP packages for people who prefer installing manually:

Without ingame music:

With ingame music:

If you have DTA 1.11 installed, you can also simply perform an update and the Launcher will update your game to version 1.12.

Change log:


Reborn:X - - 3,456 comments


So there are Soviets available now?

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23-down - - 3,576 comments

Updating as I type. :) Thanks this mod truly rocks.

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Shineri3 - - 1 comments

WOOHOO!! It's finally released! :) Great job <3

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Nuttah - - 1,201 comments

As self centred as it is, I almost feel like the internet (or, at least, the DTA team) gave me a huge frigging birthday present right now.
Sure, it was a few hours early but **** it, I gotta go listen to some Hell March and explosions now that I found out I can replace Tiberium with ore.

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Bittah_Commander - - 848 comments

Your birthday is on new year's? o.O Well, happy birthday.
I wish people lit fireworks on my birthday too =P

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Nuttah - - 1,201 comments

Heh. Thanks.
To be honest, it kinda gets old after a bit. And it'll take quite a bit of effort if you ever feel like having a quiet one. Though, if you're still up for it, I guess you could take a small country over. Permanently. :P
On the upside, I got a metric ton of news and updates. :P

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