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Never say never as production has restarted on the next build of the mod!

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After 8 years of inactivity, work on the mod has restarted! This began with the release of the widescreen patch earlier this month. You can download the patch here:


Work has begun on a very long and needed patch for the mod. This patch focuses on bug fixes, various tweaks and porting vanilla Doom3 weapons to Ruiner. Currently none of the original weapons can not be used in the mod due incompatibility with Ruiner’s thirdperson weapon animation system and more. Once this is done, it opens the door to play the original game with Ruiner gameplay, and also play other custom maps which relied on having them in. All the original weapons will feature improvements and various updates from the Denton mod and also the Revility weapons mod.

The patch is well underway and should be finished within a month or two. Future post will provide additional detail on it.


I am currently the only one working on the mod and seeking assistance with with sdk related fixes and improvements. This includes improving the thirdperson crosshair, and a few minor fixes and updates.

Also looking into porting Ruiner and Hardqore 2 to one of the Doom3 gpl source ports after the sdk related fixes have been done. This would allow greater support for modern systems, and more.

The source codes for both mods were released years ago and have not been updated since then. If you are interested in helping out, send Revility a private message on the mod db.


Plans have been laid out for post patch content. This includes restoring the missing weapons, missing areas from maps, narrative elements and more. Depending on how everything goes with the patch and it’s release will determine what will happen.

I would like to thank everyone over the years who played, enjoyed, provided feedback and posted streams of the mod. The steady streams of emails over the years wanting to see the mod return helped fuel this relaunch.


hemebond - - 186 comments

Are you considering Dhewm3? It seems to me to be the cleanest and most widely compatible of the forks; even if it does have its own way of doing things.

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Revility Author
Revility - - 117 comments

Yes I have. Denton's mod was ported to it. Both HQ2 and Ruiner used it as a base. There are about a dozen files in mod that would need to be ported and added in. I have also looked at fhdoom which might be an easier port... but it uses a newer glsl shader system which is awesome, but doesn't include hdr, bloom and ambient lighting updates we have now. If those were added that would be the best route to go.

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Muleke_Trairao - - 254 comments


Good to see you back in action! :D

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