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This weeks update on the development progress of 'Ceress and Orea'.

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Hello everyone!

This is my first devlog on this platform! I'd appreciate feedback on how to improve! ;3
I usually update my social media channels each saturday, so I'll do the same with this page from now on.
Here's this weeks update:

And it's saturday again! So prepare yourself for another incoming CaO update! YAY!

I did spend the first part of the past week preparing some promo footage for social media, mainly for indiedb.

So here's the Logo I designed for CaO.

Logos are hard. I took a lot of inspiration from those beautiful japanese logos, mainly JRPG ones and their western versions. I think I'm liking the outcome, tho there's room for improvement. But there always is, am I right?! ;P

The rest of the week was used to continue actual gamedev.

I ...

  • finished eventing the opening scene.
  • pixeled more behaviors (actually a lot of those...).
  • added a lot of smaller details to the maps.
  • created a new map.

So this week there's not much new content to show off.
So I'll share some gifs I recorded. It's just little Ceress (who's sprite I updated!) slipping and jumping around. Hihi.

I changed my gif recording tool from LICEcap to ScreenToGif and I'm loving it.
It let's you have so much influence on the outcome. It's amazing.
I can highly recommend ScreenToGif.

Change to my devlog on Patreon:
I also came to the conclusion, that I'll do a public and a patron version of the devlog. The patron version will be one, that adds to the public one and includes footage that will be patron only. Some of that might later be shared on other social media channels, or not.

Take good care of yourself everyone!
I'll be back with another update next saturday. =3

- Plueschkatze

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