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This week the team has split his focus into various topics with a more focused one on the social media.

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DevLog #9

We are running out of ways to start every week’s devlog! So we will stick with the classic introduction. Welcome to this week’s article about Chama!

So, tell me what has happened?

  • Fixed more Problems;
  • Tried on shaders; Outcome was bad;
  • Level 1 Game design changes; Options and Extras;
  • Logos, Social media and new Art;

We start off with the most common of the aspects. The continuous amount of problems that keep showing up.

Adding shaders will help us to get the objective we want in terms of art, after studying what our target audience is accustomed to watching, we can get a better approach to that type of art.


We are using a toon shader that can get a various quantity of results, so we are still working on those.


Now, let's talk about Social Media!

Unsatisfied with the game’s current state, our Game Designer decided to reformulate the levels to become more interesting and less boring. Making several tests and drawing top down blueprints of the first level and its game mechanics. Here are photos of the examples for the first level:







Photo Labels: H1 - Microwave H2 – Hamburger plating C1 – Coffee mug C2 – Coffee machine F – Fridge/drink C – Coffee Delivery B – Drink Delivery H – Hamburger Delivery P - Person [//] – Delivery Collider |) - Door

Our concept artist is working in some art to pop up our Instagram, Twitter and other ones. Working at logos, member photos and other cool stuff!

For now, this is our social media:







12 1


Instagram Stories:




profile picture:


1514 1


As you can see, we are focusing into social media and the art of the game, we are in the very beginning, we have a lot of work to do, but all this project is getting way more solid than ever!

That's it for this week's devlog! We hope you liked it, don't forget to take a look at our social media, and to follow our work! Thank you!

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