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In this post we will reveal the game's title and chosen logo!

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This week, we will reveal our game's title, and show the studies that were made to create the logo of our project.


Our game's title is "Underground Vacation", we were stuck on a few names, and coming up with a name for the project ended up being one of our greatest challenges. Now that we have our name defined, we were ready to develop the logo.

We first started by creating thumbnails, testing out different ideas for our logo.

Logo Studies

We went on to choose one with a camera to reflect the theme of the game, where the player has to collect their lost photos. Then we added texture to the logo.

Logo Studies

After applying a texture, we did some color studies of the logo. We chose the color blue for the word "Vacation" and chose to make the word "Underground" grey, resembling a boulder.

Logo Studies

After conducting these studies we made the logo.


We also made a test for our UX of the title screen, containing the logo of our project, this is only the wireframe of our UX, meaning it is only the prototype to give us an idea, and not the final title screen.

UX Prototype


In conclusion, figuring out the title of our game was definitely one of the hardest challenges of our project, however, we were able to come up with a name that we were happy with, and created a logo that are also happy with.

Thank you for your time!

Bino Studios


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