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Interested in animated cutscenes and curious about our cutscene storyboards? Guess what, we got it all here and also other cool content! If you want, come take a peek!

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Heya there everyone!! How have you been?

We reached August and some of us are enjoying some days of summer outside! But we always work on chama the best we can!

We know we passed through the usual date of the devlog post but well, better late than never! And like this we can assemble even more topics to our devlog!

But anyhow, let’s get to the devlog shall we?

Cutscene animation and closure of storyboard

Was finished the last panel of the first cutscene so we could use it for cinematic composition. Finally!

cutscene 3 with charactersFinal Panel of the first cutscene finished

From having all the art completed for the first cutscene, we started doing the animation and connect the panels of the following. We decided to advance to the animation of the first cutscene so we could use it to test in the game and optimize the code for the cinematic department.

All the animations and video organization will be developed in After Effects, applying a more simplistic yet effective form of animation for our cutscenes. Frame by frame would take way more of our precious time and honestly, it would be a real headache since our artists are not experienced enough to develop frame by frame animations.

ezgif 2 31af0c559484Part of the animation process in after effects for the cutscenes

To end the topic of cutscenes, the last storyboard for the cutscene of level 5 (last level) was finished, still not essentially polished, but the main ideas are there.

This represents the transition from the retirement house area (hub) to the local of the ongoing forest fire incident.

cutscene 2 parte 2   story board

Improvement of textures and other models

As we redo and reorganise the levels, we’ve been updating the textures of the models that had minor problems. Among these were water textures and clothing for the characters.

This is one of the examples:

fountain animationfnxxnfxnf

Before (left) and Now (Right)

The textures of the water were changed, even if it's not that noticable, the textures were not well connected so the white parts were cut. The new one is smooth

water asfffsaf

The old texture when looping wouldn't connect completly.

water testure perfected dsdsdss

The new texture when looping doesn't break or has cuts, it's correctly connected.


And that was it, that was our devlog of technically last week, but it’s here anyway!

We kept also doing the same stuff from last week but we thought it wouldn’t be worth showing it again in this Devlog, so that’s why it’s a little short.

We still hope you enjoyed this devlog and until next time everyone!

Stay Safe!

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