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Want to see more of our new systems implemented in the game and more beautiful cutscene art? You came to the right place, we got some of that here! Come check!

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Heya there everyone!! Welcome to another Chama devlog!!

Hope you all doing well! As for us we’re really excited to announce you that we got nominated to the GameDev Awards Student Edition created by a Portuguese program that going take place online in the 12nd of June!

Hope we can get a predominant ranking from it and giving good luck to all the projects involved in this!

Anyhow, time for our first devlog of July!

Re-Creation of Hub and levels continuation

Still under the process of rebuilding our levels, putting them in new scenes with everything organised, there is a lot of elements in which needed to give some alterations.

At the moment, with the layout and placement of the objects around the hub, we’re in the process of associating textures to the environment and objects around the scene. We’re updating a few textures that have a few problems.

hub   processOverall structure of the currently work in progress HUB

hub   texturesAdding textures to the bus in the HUB

New systems and fixes

From the last devlog, we decided to make 2 distinct languages, Portuguese and English. From here it was developed a localized system for both languages where it would be easier for the player to change whenever it wants.

This system was created with the main intention of focusing in the Portuguese audience, but having the option to change to English not to only for people from the outside of the country to play with more ease, but also for learning purposes to younger audiences in Portugal and other native Portuguese speaking countries.

language menu   englishlanguage menu   portugueseLanguage system with both languages (English and Portuguese)

The main menu was other system that was heavily modified, still under development, but having more functional options and updated button animations. We still didn’t add the background scene for the main menu yet.

Last but not least, the controller detection system. Depending on what type of game controller is connected to the pc, it will detect and update the UI buttons to those that are associated with the connected controller. At the moment we got our system ready to detect general Xbox, PlayStation controllers and also Nintendo Switch and the pc keyboard. Lot of options, right?

buttons systemDifferent controller system developed for the game

Cutscene Art Production and still images

Ever since the team is very organised, the production of cutscenes is going real smoothly and more efficiently!

Most of the storyboards are completed, only missing the one towards the end of the game and the cutscenes itself have an optimised look for the backgrounds and characters. Each one having a different art styles but working very well together, focusing more on the characters. The Second cutscene storyboard was mostly changed due to the inconsistency issues in the story script.

cutscene 2 parte 1   story boardFirst version for the Second cutscene portuguese Storyboard

cutscene 2 parte 1 version 2 Second and final version for the Second cutscene portuguese Storyboard

Backgrounds are complete for the developed storyboards (cutscene 1 and cutscene 2 part 1), the characters are being in process for the first cutscene.

cutscene 1   panel 1Cutscene 1 - Panel 1

cutscene 1  panel 2Cutscene 1 - Panel 2

cutscene 1   panel 3   previewCutscene 1 - Panel 3

From the cutscenes, for each level we going to include a still image, when the player finished the level, it would receive a unique splash art from the character and its situation of that level. Would be a way of rewarding the player and also receive a memory from it.

These items would be available in Ana's notebook, in each level's respective tabs.


And we’re finally here, the end of the article!

It’s been two really productive weeks and it’s going to continue to go on like that until we finish our little project!

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s article and if you want to stay updated, don’t forget to come visit our page from 2 to 2 weeks! Only if you want of course!

But above everything, don’t forget to stay safe!!!

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We're glad that you took interest in our game! We will try to make it as good as we can!

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