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This week we have loads of art to show you and how we do it!! We also have some fixes around our helicopter to show you! Still not interested? We got free tea, probably! But in case you are curious check the article of the week, it really means a lots to us!

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Hey there everyone!! Welcome again to another devlog of Chama!!~

This week we got struck with a wave of heat. Summer is calling already!

It’s been a full week of work, including we got invited to give a class to a videogame course class, sharing our experience with the Chama project! Pretty unexpected!

We got to reorganise some documents, especially our production schedule. Hopefully we got to organise things better.

Anyway, time for our two-week devlog!

Level Cutscene Art (level 4)

A few cutscenes are being made to be placed during transitions in the game’s levels, a person develops the background art and then other member incorporates the art of the characters in the background art blending these two together.

Here’s an example of a finished cutscene frame, with both characters and environment fully completed.

lvl4 cutscene final

In this one, we have the characters painted but not completely incorporated with the environment, not being completely blended together.

before level 5

The last one only has the sketches of the characters that are going to be painted in the background art.

sketchy level hub

Fixing helicopter movement (level 5)

Lately we’ve been trying to improve last level overall setup and we noticed that the movements of the helicopter were quite off, so we went ahead and fix it the best we could. It was quite the big problem, but we got to fix a bug that prevented the helicopter to move to any direction when colliding to walls. It was also fixed its inconsistent flight movement, arranged the camera angle and a torque limit was added so it doesn’t fly off the stage.


After putting a lot of time in fixing the movement and overall feel of the gameplay of the helicopter, it was added rotation animation to the back helice and gravity to all movement on the helicopter, except lifting, so it provides a faster lift-off while maintaining a regular drop off.

nHelicopter with camera angle fixed


Thank you so much for reading our article! We hope that you enjoyed this week’s article as well! And hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy the content we put in here!

We’re glad for receiving such support from you all, it’s always appreciated!!

But above all, stay safe!!

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