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It's time to add more color to the ranking system and some more adjestments to the outside area of the level 4 with new assets and more!

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It’s been two weeks! Hello everyone! How are you all doing in this time of the year!

Spring is such a great season, it’s really colourful and its full of fragrant inspiration around the air, that can be used to develop our game with great spirits!

But it’s time for our 46th devlog and the last article of April! Hope you guys look forward to it!

Level completion (character expressions in ranks)

We wanted to reward the player’s performances in each level through rewarded items, information and skins. Other way of rewarding the player upon the level completion, would be receiving visually a different expression of Ana the Fox that would change depending on the rank that the player would obtain in the end of the level.

exp 1

Growing from a more displeased and sad expression to a happier and more excited expression. It’s also a way of making the player replay the level to see if it can obtain a greater rank in case, it didn’t in the first try. Of course, the rewards will also differ depending on the ranks (more of level ranking in devlog 41).

Fire burnout animations

Certain flames around level 4 have now fire burnout animations that will trigger to open new pathway to advance in the level. The players got to keep an eye for those opportunities. These animations probably are going to be used as well for the last level (level 5).


Level addictions and major fixes

This week we were again around level 4 trying to perfect the level in the outside area and add more to the mechanics!

The flames were adjusted size wise, so it would have a more dynamic look. The loops times and colliders of these were fixed, the colliders of these would reactivate after deactivation.

The big changes made were around the water tank area, which was added a cover in the top of the tank and a lever connected to the cover, so these will be used for the animation that will trigger once the character interact with the tank and can jump to it so be saved from further danger.

bruhCover for the tank and lever connected to the cover

ezgif com gif maker

Animation of the lever that the character inteeracts to uncover the tank

Some small fixes were made around the vegetation objects in the level were previously misaligned.

Captura de Ecra 8


Thank you so much for reading our article! Sorry if it’s from two in two weeks now, but we always come back so worries!

We’re glad for receiving such support from you all, it’s always appreciated!!

Hope we see you all next week and don’t forget to stay safe above everything else. Enjoy the rest of April and get ready for a new may full of excitement!

See you all in two weeks!

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keep up! I really want to see the final product :)

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