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Time to add some cool animation and mechanics to our level 4. If you're interested in this kind of stuff come check!!

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Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

We decided that it would be better for us to post a new Devlog each 2 weeks, since the production time shortened a bit due to other team members having their schedule occupied with other projects! Hope you guys still look forward to this!

Blockout fixes

We still be around our dear level 4, since it involves a lot of mechanics and has a more complex level design.

To add the animations to the character and complete certain mechanics, it was remade a blackout of the outside area of the level to fix inconsistencies of certain colliders in the area.

Since the previous colliders from Leaves and trees were in conflict with the character’s movement, these were removed and were made new ones with the help of the new blockout.

unknown 2Adjusting and fixing assets

Adding to the environment, some interactable and breakable wood was implemented.


unknown 1New Blockout for the outside part of level 4

Creating Mechanics and Animation addiction

From fixing the colliders of the outside area of the level, we could finally add the breaking wood mechanic fully and implement the “breaking” animations to our little bunny character.

When implementing this “breaking” mechanic, there was a funny bug that when the character would interact with the wood to break it, the wood would be sent flying everywhere. Luckily, we got to fix it, but still looked funny.

In the end, some assets around the level were resized, since they weren’t showing accurate sizes in proportion to the character.

Captura de Ecra 88

Captura de Ecra 90Level with new breakable wood


Thank you again for being here like always!! Instead of seeing you next week, we’ll see you in 2 weeks! We still hope you look forward to it!

We’ll have a little special surprise for our 50th Devlog, we’re really excited to show you when the time comes!

We’re glad for all the support you’ve all been giving!! We appreciate it all!

See you all next time! And don’t forget to stay alert and stay safe!

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