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This week we got once again some changes to trees and foliage textures, introductions of some characters and testing fire effects in levels. If you're interested in any of this topics, make sure to stop by and check what we have! :>

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Hello everyone! It’s been a little while.

There’s been quite some changes in project management and development rate. From now on, the development will be slower since some members of the group found other bigger projects to be involved and so the time for development in Chama will be shorter.

Possibly the Devlog each week will be shorter, but we’ll still provide content and to develop our dear project.

But no worries! Time to go for this devlog!

Tree and foliage asset modification

Once again, we decided to change the look in trees and foliage textures around the levels, so they would look neither too realistic or too simple. The last change we did, at first glance looked really nice, but it was not the best design for our game’s style.

In the end we came up will a more fitting design for these. We sure love to do trees.

trees wonderful trees

New tree models and textures for all levels (images from level 5)

level 3 with new trees

New design for the trees in level 3

Introducing characters in certain levels

With most of the environment organised for the level 5, it was time to add the characters to the scenery so we could test the sizes of the following and the fire man trucks and where it would be the best place for these to fit in.

characters in level 5Placing the characters in level 5 for testing

It was also added the fire effects to some levels, even though these still need major adjustments, it was merely for testing.


Thank you again for being here! We know that last week we didn’t post any article, but we were trying to organise some stuff between the members of the group and discuss a few things. But now we are here again!

Hope we see you all next week and don’t forget to stay safe above everything else. We can surpass these rough times if we believe!

See you all next week!

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