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It's time to introduce a new implemented system, Ranking system in levels! We also have more, like enviromnet changes in level 5, character dialogue boxes development character??? Come check what we have!

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Hey hey people, welcome to another devlog!! Our 41st Devlog indeed!

We bring to you brand new stuff and others that are around the other articles for quite some time, but with slight changes, but it’s also good to talk about these!

Ranking systems, Illustrations, environmental assets and new character concept? Sounds exciting right? Then grab your coffee and some cookies. If that’s not your cup of tea, whatever you like and let’s go to this small journey.

A New Ranking System

We started thinking on how would the levels would conclude and what can each level give to the player for successfully or not complete the level. For starters, it was created a raking system, that would determine how well or not the player’s performance throughout the level. The ranking goes in different levels:

- S – Perfect

- A – Best

- B – Great

- C – Good

- D – Bad

- F – Fail

Through the different levels, you’ll be rewarded with different kind of rewards, but the greater the rank, better the rewards will be. If you fail the level, you’ll be sent back to the beginning of the selected level redoing it again.

victory ranking system

End of level Victory Screen (Incomplete)

Each level has different kind of rewards, but in all of them you get a article page of Ana’s Notebook and character skins! Here’s what we have planned so far:

-lvl1: Article Page | Unlocks Lynx Cook Skin for Fox | Diary and Pen (Fox will hold this on HUB)
-lvl2: Article Page | Unlocks Bear Woodcutter Skin for Fox
-lvl3: Article Page | Unlocks Board Hard Hat Truck Skin for the Fox | Truck (Changes character ANA FOX to Truck)
-lvl4: Article Page | Unlocks Rabbit Graduation Skin for Fox
-lvl5: Article Page | Unlock Falcon Rescue Pilot skin for Fox

All the skins above are going to be changed to Ana Fox based Skins, since it’s easier for the 3D modeller to do all the skins for the same character.

We're also thinking in giving a different illustration for each ranking, so it's easier to distinguish.

Environmental changes on level 5

There was some development in the environment of level 5 this week, started by adding more foliage and flower variety to the entire map, bringing more colour and life to this place. We also increased the amount of tree assets and placed other essential objects that can guide the player and give reference points around the level, so the player doesn’t get lost.

level 5   new foliage 2

levle5   new foliageScreenshots of the current level 5 with environmental changes

To this level was also give a concept to the character that would be piloting inside the helicopter during this level. Even if the player can’t see the character when we controlling the helicopter through the level, this concept was created in purpose to use it in the cutscene, since this character is part of the story and makes a great impact in this last part of the game. So with this, we created a falcon character.

Falcon concept

Rough concept for Falcon character

Text Box character Illustration

From previous articles, we could see that the character speech boxes and the dialogue text were working nicely, the only thing that was missing to some characters text boxes were their respective illustrations. And guess what, these are complete done and quite crispy!

character UIAll the illustrations we have for each character's dialogue

When displayed in the dialogue box, the illustrations are going to be cropped, here's a few examples:

lynx uiLynx Dialogue Illustration in level 1

rabbit uiRabbit Dialogue Illustration in level 4


Thank you for reading this article, really! We are almost reaching 50 devlog articles! Impressive right?

We have some sad news unfortunately. We’re really sorry that the build we had in our had to be removed due to personal reasons. We might put it back in the future, but for now it’s no longer available.

Anyway, sorry to bring this news suddenly, there’s situations that appear unexpectedly and catches us surprised.

Have a nice day and stay safe everyone! Hopefully we bring better news next week!

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