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Time for some Collectables addition, game event triggers and our favorite game fixes Come check out if you're interested.

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Ahoy there everyone! Everything good?

Not trying to sound like a pirate, but it feels nice to greet someone not so formally from now and then, since we also been seeing you guys around here for quite a while.

We were hoping for some good weather this week, but no luck there, just cloudy and rainy weather all over the place. Some sunlight would be great with the current quarantine we’ve been upon on.

Anyhow, time for what you were waiting for, this week’s hot article!

Collectables addition to the levels

With the collectables’ concepts and locations decided, we procced to the modelling of these!

We making the following collectables for the game:

-HUB – LTPO’s Microphone

-Level 1 - Newspaper

-Level 2 – Teddy Bear

-Level 3 – Fireman’s Axe

-Level 4 – Family Photo

-Level 5 - ??? (It’s big mystery)

Each level has a collectable to be found, hidden (or not, depending on the level) waiting to be found.

collectablesThe collectables that were made so far

The first ones were made these last 2 weeks, being the fireman’s Axe in level 3 and the Teddy Bear in level 2. The LTPO’s Microphone have been previously modelled, at first for the Ana Fox to use it in her hand while she would walk around the HUB, but we decided to give it another end.

teddy bear level 2 locationCollectable Location in level 2 (object selected in unity)

Development around level 4

After creating and associating the event triggers in level 4, it was time to add the character animations and correcting the dialogue that would occur during these short cutscene events.

Some far, the beginning of the level would start with the hare character waking up, sitting on her bed, trying to understand the situation she’s been up to at that moment and rushing through the hallway to get her shoes in the floor below, so she can go search and investigate around the house.

RabbitWakeHare character waking up (start of the level)

The event triggers once she picks up her shoes, making a transition to a alarming atmosphere with smoke, flames and burnt areas. The rest is yet to be done.

RabbitShoesEvent trigger when the shoes get picked up

Fixing Issues around the levels

Everyone’s favourite part, game fixes sure are fun. A few fixes were made around the dialogue system, key bindings were changed to make certain aspects in gameplay easier and unused assets were removed. There were also some bugs around the colliders in level 2, so these were immediately fixed.

The final fixes made this week was, weirdly, some menu options had a few issues specifically in level 4, since the programming around this level is far more complex than any other level, it may have created some conflict around the programming oh these.


Swoosh and the article have reach it’s end for this week. Hope you guys enjoyed what we had this time!

Don’t worry, there’s more next week! It’s just more 7 days.

Don’t forget to check the available build we got in our in case you’re interested. You can also support us there!

Well time to go, we’ll be seeing you in the next! But most importantly stay safe and cosy!

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Thyrn - - 39 comments

Keep it up. Looking better and better.

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LuisOliveira - - 29 comments

Thanks Ivan! We are working for that!

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