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This week is a big variety salad of things we worked on! Character remodelling, asset and floor texture updates, cutscenes and achievement implementation is present in today's article! Come check it out if you're interested!

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Hey there, how are you guys doing?

It’s been a complicated time, here in our country things are getting out of hand in terms of the Covid situation. At least all of us are at home safely and not taking risks by going outside anywhere.

This week we’ve been around a big variety of stuff in Chama, changing floor and other asset textures, arranging the achievement system in the menu, illustrating cutscenes and finishing the character remodels.

End phase of character remodelling

After a month of remodelling characters, we finally finished them! These definitely look better than ever. Through this process, we ended up making changes to some elements of the characters original design concept, that we thought it would look better and simpler.

rato all viewsMouse Character Remodel turn around

ovelha all viewsSheep Character Remodel turn around

There are character models that are going to be re-used to make the models for the firemen of Mação Town. Having the same base but different appropriated firemen clothing.

firemen concepts2D Concept for firemen of Mação Town

Changing floor and asset textures

The time for the texture updates arrived, and so we continue recreating 3D textures for the floors of each level. In the previous devlog we talked about the ones that were made for the HUB area, in this one we’re going to take a look at level 1 and different areas of level 4!

Floor texture and character chan

Floor texture and character chan 1

Floor texture and character chan 2

Floor texture and character chan 3

Organising the display of achievements

We finally got the achievement system finalised! The display and structure of the achievement’s elements are organised in place. We decided that instead of splitting the 10 different achievements in 2 pages of the notebook menu, these were going to be in the same page but with a scroll option, so the player can see all of them in the same page.

Achievement stuff with scrool igAchievement tab on the notebook menu

The achievements that are locked will have a different display of image. The achievement illustration will only be seen after unlocking it. Instead of displaying the usual achievement graded out, we wanted to create an element of surprise when the player finds one and unlocks it.

The way of rewarding the player will be displaying a hidden illustration and the creating the feel of progression through gameplay.

Achievement Locked and Unlocked


Look, we arrived to the end of our devlog!

We are doing nice looking cutscenes, but we’ll leave that for following article next week! We hope to see you there!

Don’t forget to check the available build we got in our in case you’re interested. You can also support us there!

It’s been a long month, hopefully soon things can get better, we’ll see you next time!

Stay Safe everyone!

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Thyrn - - 39 comments

Looking better and better. Keep it up!

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LuisOliveira - - 29 comments

We are doing our best!! Thanks!!

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