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You want to see more of our character remodels and some fresh illustrated achievements? We have that and a lot more to show! Come check it out if you're interested!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our fresh weekly Devlog!

This time, we still around our wonderful character and asset remodelling, development of cutscenes, optimizing textures and fully completed the illustrations of each achievement.

It’s been a really cold and rainy week around here, not even walks to distract a bit we can, mostly at been at home, having more time to work in our stuff. Despite the ugly weather, it’s been a productive week and some interesting events happened.

Without further ado, we advance to see what we have to unpack this week!

Remodelling characters and assets

As we keep remodelling our characters, we are also changing a few assets around the levels, including walkways and buildings and the overall composition of the level.

This time we got the pig, dog and boar character to present to you with a new appearance! These have a cutesier look on them.

dog turn aroundRemodel of Dog Character

javali turn aorundRemodel of Boar Character

pig turnaorundRemodel of Pig Character

Others changes were made around the HUB walkway, adding a 3D texture that little more personality to the place.

walkway comparisonWalkway 3D texture implementation

Cutscenes on progress

From this week, we went back to develop the cutscenes again! The first shot of a cutscene was showed in a previous devlog, but today we show the progress of another shot for a different cutscene, so that we don’t reveal all the content in our game but still showing progress!

cutscene sketch2lvl5 ilustracao porcess2

Process of cutscene development

Achievement dependencies and illustrations

In this department, the illustrations of each are fully completed! All that is left is to implement these currently inside the game.

All the achievementsList of the different achievements

Now, while the part of earning the achievements is done, the conditions must be met. This can be achieved by adding dependencies and in this case, it was tested using simple tasks such as pressing buttons. Alongside that it was also made sure the achievement would pop up when obtained and saved its progress.

achievement system 3


We finally meet at the end of the article. Hope it was at your liking. We have more next week, so stay tunned for more fascinating content of Chama next Wednesday!

Also, if you want, you can try the beta version of our game and give us feedback. We would be much appreciated with your help!

Stay Safe and cozy!

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Nice achievements puns!

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Thank Ivan!! Indeed! ;)

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