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Want to see more of the fifth level? Here's a few stuff we did around it! Annnnd make sure to also vote for our game, only if you want!

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Hi hi! We meet again after a week! If you’re new around this place then feel welcome!

Noticed the new thumbnail for today’s devlog? Indeed, it is getting to that time of the year again, so we thought in putting up some Christmas decorations around our IndieDB!

As we go near Christmas, we start seeing Christmas lights and decorations all over the place and we might take some days off near this special date.

Building up the environment for level 5

We’ve been focusing mostly in this level. So, this week we did a few concepts for additional assets and arranged the environment that the helicopter would be inserted and the player would fly around.

concept lvl5Concepts of a few assets for the fifth level

After composing the modelling of the plains, a few textures were made and with the base mostly done, we passed to the process of changing it visually, through post-processing.

There was a lot of playing with the post-processing, arranging the colour palette, trying to make a less vivid environment and adding additional effects that will make certain things around the level less visible, like smoke, that can make the task more difficult to the player.

lelve 5   no post processingPlains without Post-Processing

level5   with post processing

Plains with Post-Processing

Here's a few screenshots on how the last level presents currently:

level 5   map

Level from above

level 5 with water


Close up of the level


That’s all for this week! This level sure will be taking more time than any other! We really want to turn this game a success! And we’ll be here receiving all your amazing support. Any little thing will make a huge difference for us.

We also want to say that we are excited to reveal that for the MoshBit Gaming Awards in the “Most awaited national game” department we were placed in third!! Thankyou so much for all your votes! You made us reach such high ranking, we are truly grateful.

For a reminder, you can also vote in here in our IndieDB page to vote our game for “IndieDB Indie of the Year 2020” contest! We would be grateful if you could give your vote to us, but there’s so many amazing games out there in IndieDB, it’s really hard to choose!

Thankyou everyone that’s here reading our Devlog, you been amazing sticking with us around all this time! Have some hot chocolate if it’s cold in your country and Happy Holidays!

xmas short file

~Stay Safe!~


I don't think the low poly style matches ur game. I'd see the level a bit different, hard to explain but I'm thinking something like Warcraft 3. They get lots of detail without much work (instead of balls for trees :D) Don't get lazy, just a bit of a push will bring you to the top! Also the colors I see r too faded, maybe it's the fog but should be much more lively

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Thank you for the feedback Perok!

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