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A week full of online events and lectures? Well yes, but we still made some amazing stuff that you can check it out if you want to see a few fixes and a helicopter moving towards new heights!

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to this week’s quite short article!

Some of you might already know that last weekend there was a big event that exists around this time of the year, The Nordic Game event. This year was made as an online event, because of the worldwide pandemic situation.

There was also other game development related event present in our country, being the “Lisboa Games Week”, that had also a few interesting lectures that we attended to.

Having more time spent around this event, there was little time for production in our game, so this week we’re making this article short.

But nonetheless, we’ll provide what we could do this week and we hope you can enjoy it!

Helicopter movement for the fifth level

As we lost our part-time programmer, he was overworked with other projects, we’ve been having more time around the programming for the new level.

We managed to grab in the helicopter we have made and took reference from an external asset for the physics and movement of the following. So, we could test the physics properly, we added a helicopter bucket for the firefighting helicopter. This is a specialised bucket suspended on a cable carried by the helicopter, so it can deliver water for aerial firefighting.

Helicopter bucketConcept for the helicopter bucket

The physics are still quite unstable, but it’s still on testing.

ezgif com optimize4

Gif of the helicopter movement

Fixing a few assets and other things

We also had a few stuff to fix up, specially the game design in some levels. The one that’s suffering more changes is the fourth level, where we have to create a fire break with a loader.

Was made a new phase for the level, where the night falls and turns the level harder for the player, making it relying on the small vision of the front lights of the loaders.

Previously we weren’t going to use the lights of the loader, but instead a presence light around the loader itself that also gave little vision behind the character too, but we decided to change it.

unknown 36First attempt of doing night phase for level 4

level 4 nightAfter fixing the lightning around the level


And that’s it for the article! We know, we know it was really short and until Christmas it will only get shorter, we going to have a few days off near Christmas.

The voting event of MoshBit has ended! Thankyou all so much for your support and for voting! We’ll be waiting for the result and see how it went!

We hope you can stick around us until the end of this journey!

Oh also, Stay Safe everyone! Most important thing right now!

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