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Want to warm up with some hot news and changes about our game? This week we going to talk about our achievement system, redesigns and ideas for the last level!

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Hey there everyone! We meet again! Want to see this week’s development in our project?

Get your warm coffee cup because this weather been pretty chilly!

Redesigning more of level 3

After the environmental redesign that was shown in the last Devlog, there’s been some changes around the character’s loader, since it was too tall and the loader’s shovel was too small for the task. We made it so it would be more efficient to the level completion and the player wouldn’t struggle as much.

lvl3 maquina

Trator process

Adding to that, to simulate the change of phases during the third level, was decided to implement a visual element that would show this change, by adding an animation of some boulders falling from the right part of the level, making the player’s task even harder.

ezgif com optimize3Animation the boulders for the transition of level phase

Achievements and cutscene implementation

Isn’t it great when you get a super cool rare achievement while you’re playing a game?

We wanted to give some side objectives with some kind of reward to the player. These achievements would be available for Steam for now, which is an easier platform to implement a reward system such as the achievements. Some would have a preview graded out and others would be completely hidden in the achievement page.

AchievementsConcepts for all the achievements in Steam

On other hand, we had the idea of creating motion illustrated cutscenes to implement in certain points of the game. Cutscenes that would introduce with a more interactive way to the player certain parts of the story and make transition between scenarios. The idea is still very new and there’s not much progress around this department.


cutscene 1Process of a part from a cutscene (Animated Illustrations)

Some ideas for the last level

For the last level, we wanted to make the Ana Fox the protagonist of the end game level. The idea was after Ana gathered information from the people around the retirement building, she would receive a message to do a new report in an area near the local she’s in.

When she gets to the indicated place, all the firefighters were incapacitated in the ground from the intense smoke around the area and it seems that they are surrounded by the flames. From there, near the fire trucks there would be a communication device fallen on the ground that Ana would use to ask for help from a person inside a firefighting helicopter that was around the area.

lvl5 conceptConcept in how the beginning of the level would be

After that, we would be controlling the helicopter and try to find a place to get water and get back to the place where Ana and the rest fire fighters would be, helping extinguishing the flames.


It’s been a rough week, there was some issues to some team members, so this week started slow, but we are now starting to catch up to our usual work rhythm!

Got to remind our wonderful people! We got a voting contest happening! If you want to vote for our game it’s available in the following link:



Thankyou again for all your support, we hope you enjoyed this week’s article! I’m sure you’ll be around here next week.

We’ll be expecting you! Stay Safe!

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