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2017 was an intense year. I've been working on this project as much as I could. Considering I'm working on this as spare time, I would like to post this development status update.

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Development status update:

GV has been in development for two and half year now and it's closer to release than ever.

Other than learning more and more about Unreal Engine 4 I've been improving my modeling and texturing skills. As you can see below, the capsule is finished and also some upgrades are done too.

The PHM (Proximity Homing Mine), Beam Star and the launch stations are all completely remade.

Here's what the new PHM looks like.

New Model and Skin

This is the hangar. Where you'll be able to upgrade and paint your space capsule.

IACTA Capsule with modules

Don't go too close into the atmosphere. ;)

Atmospheric reentry burn

What did I just tell you? Don't go too close into the atmosphere! Seriously!

Told ya

The Star Beam is a deadly contraption. Those Phasers will kill you instantly. Unless you manage to pass in the middle ring.

Star Beam Phaser Emitters

Some more in-game screenshots.

I'm Flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Iacta HUD

Map overview and paths



Level Selection


Main Menu

I hope you like this update.

For any question or suggestion, don't hesitate to contact me on POLIEXA.COM

Miljan Bojovic (aka PhoeniX-Storms)

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