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What is Gravity Vector?

Gravity Vector is a challenging game where the player's main objective is to reach a target wormhole aboard a capsule, while facing different obstacles such as planets' gravity pull, hostile entities, asteroids and more.

Challenging Gameplay

Gravity Vector is a game simple to understand, but hard to master. Here are the basic aspects of gameplay you'll have to deal with:

- Take a look at the level overview map in order to choose the best course of action.

- Point the direction and set the initial velocity of the capsule launcher

- Avoid different dangers such as planets' gravity, asteroid fields and other hostile entities, all while keeping the initial planned trajectory in account.

- Use gravitation of planets to perform a gravity slingshot.

- Collect goodies around the level and discover secrets that could unlock new features such as new levels and upgrades for your capsule.

- Reach the Target Wormhole

- Get in-game currency (NOT real money) as reward to get upgrades for your capsule such as thrusters, shields, guns, paint jobs and more.

While upgrading your capsule by adding modules may result in a more powerful vehicle, you'll also end up with a heavier one.

In physics, this translates in gaining more momentum, linear and angular.

If you add a larger fuel tank, it may give you more thrusting time but it will also make its inertial velocity more difficult to contrast.

One of the game features is the dynamic music changing based on gameplay situations.

There will be many secret levels to be discovered and features to be unlocked.

Hostile Entities

The game will include the following difficulty levels. Each level is unlocked by completing the previous.


Simpler challenges where the player has to deal mostly with gravitational pull and less aggressive hostiles.


Standard difficulty level where the player has to face new kinds of hostiles. Familiar enemies and obstacles will become more aggressive and dynamic. Deployment of capsule upgrades become vital.


Hostiles are very aggressive, resources are scarce and there are more environmental hazards and dynamic obstacles.


Hostiles will chase you to hell and back, their shots will be true. Abandon all hope ye who enter. The best upgrades are a must.


This section includes levels of mildly to radically different game design and/or mechanics, which will allow you to bank even more credits to upgrade or unlock new features. Expect anything.

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Development Update



Development status update:

GV has been in development for two and half year now and it's closer to release than ever.

Other than learning more and more about Unreal Engine 4 I've been improving my modeling and texturing skills. As you can see below, the capsule is finished and also some upgrades are done too.

The PHM (Proximity Homing Mine), Beam Star and the launch stations are all completely remade.

Here's what the new PHM looks like.

New Model and Skin

This is the hangar. Where you'll be able to upgrade and paint your space capsule.

IACTA Capsule with modules

Don't go too close into the atmosphere. ;)

Atmospheric reentry burn

What did I just tell you? Don't go too close into the atmosphere! Seriously!

Told ya

The Star Beam is a deadly contraption. Those Phasers will kill you instantly. Unless you manage to pass in the middle ring.

Star Beam Phaser Emitters

Some more in-game screenshots.

I'm Flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Iacta HUD

Map overview and paths



Level Selection


Main Menu

I hope you like this update.

For any question or suggestion, don't hesitate to contact me on POLIEXA.COM

Miljan Bojovic (aka PhoeniX-Storms)

We are greenlit! Thank you!

We are greenlit! Thank you!

News 2 comments

Thanks to the gaming community in general, and to you at IndieDB in particular, Gravity Vector breezed through Steam Greenlight in less than two weeks!

Almost done!

Almost done!


After 3 years of hard work and many many changes, the game is almost done! Can't wait to learn what do people think of a game with a very different gameplay...

Gravity Vector is now on Steam Greenlight!

Gravity Vector is now on Steam Greenlight!


Our physics based project, Gravity Vector, has finally reached a point in development that made us think it's time to go public.

LunarShuriken - - 1,293 comments

Wow, this looks so cool!

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