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Some of the changes that are already implemented for the next version.

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Some of the changes that are already implemented for the next version.
Changes posted here are the ones that are almost definitive, more changes where done to lot of other units/upgrades/techs but still there are being tested, and others are still in development.


Firebats Weapon Upgrade

- New graphics for Sentry (grp, portrait and wireframe)
- New graphic for extra supplies, new icon and tool tip that inform the supply provided.
- Replaced team color for crhono boosted buildings with a special effect
- Hold Position for SCV renamed to "Toggle on/off Auto-Repair". SCV have a visual effect to reflect the state
- Added new sound and changed the visual effect of Dragoon's overload ability
- Added a visual effect to reflect stimed units (credits to Pastelmind)
- New archons death sound and animation
- Changed Battle cruiser ground attack graphics
- New icons for Incinerator Gauntlets, Protoss Ground Weapons and Zerg Melee Upgrades


- Most spells, burrow and siege mode can be queued.


- Configure add-on ability now makes the building to fly to the target tech lab or reactor and attach to it (also works with right click)
- When Barracks rally point is placed on a Bunker, combat units (not Medics, basically) will attempt to enter the Bunker.

Building Armor (Upgrade)
- Cost increased from 100/100 to 150/150
- Armor bonus increased from 1 to 2

Siege Tank
- Mineral cost increased from 150 to 175
- Hp reduced from 170 to 160
- Armor increased from 1 to 2
- Article Cannon attack cooldown decreased from 37 to 32

- Shield regeneration increased from 7/256 to 8/256 (same regeneration rate as energy)
- Moebius Reactor upgrade replaced with Moebius Suit: reduce cloak energy consumption by 33% and increase shield regeneration rate by 50%.

Nuclear Missile
- Build time reduced from 100 to 80 seconds
- Supply cost removed

- Mineral cost reduced from 250 to 225
- Hp reduced from 200 to 180
- Damage changed from 5x8 (explosive) to 10x2 (normal)
- Attack cooldown reduced from 45 to 37
- Splash areas reduced to 3/6/30
- Weapon behavior changed to fly to target

Supply Depot
- New Burrow ability (Cant be used if have extra supplies add-on)
While burrowed any ground unit can walk over it. Cant unburrow if there are ground units over it.


- Range back from 9 to 8
- Damage back to 20

- Spawn time increased from 10 to 12 seconds

Infested Terran
- Cost reduced to 50/25
- Build time reduced to 15 seconds
- HP reduced from 80 to 65
- Damage reduced from 20 to 16
- Base speed increased 25% (from 4 to 5)
- Frenzied reworked: Reduced attack cooldown by 4/8/12 when hp are below 50/35/20 (It doesn't increase speed any more)

Nydus Canal
- Cost increased from 150/0 to 150/100
- Build time increased from 25 to 35 seconds.
- Nydus exit don't require creep to morph.


- Psi Rage reworked
Now it have a duration of 30 seconds, after the duration the Zealot will recover its shield but starting at 0.

- Attack cooldown increased from 26 to 27
- Overload ability reworked:
Dragoon cannot move or receive orders for 8 seconds but attack 3 times faster (Attack cooldown=9)
When overload duration is over Dragoon gets unpowered for 20 second.
Ability cooldown removed.

- Shields back to 80
- Armor reduced from 1 to 0

- Mineral cost reduced from 275 to 250
- Train time reduced from 80 to 75 seconds

Robotics Facility
- Gas cost reduced from 200 to 150
- Build time reduced from 80 to 60 seconds

Robotics Support Bay
- Gas cost increased from 100 to 150
- Build time increased from 30 to 50 seconds

Bug Fixes:
- All upgrades now work properly if researched with cheats
- Fixed a bug where ignore armor weapons (Like irradiate, plague, psy storm) wasn't ignore the target armor (Thanks to Pastelmind)
- Fixed a bug where after the organic carapace upgrade, one of the two roaches that born have increased attack and movement speed
- Auto gather rally points now works properly on crhono boosted Nexus
- Fixed a bug where a rally point placed on a nydus canal wasn't making units to enter the nydus
- Fixed a bug where chrono boost can be casted on a non-protoss building
- Fixed a bug that makes flying buildings to receive burning damage if building armor was researched.
- Fixed description on Science vessel requirements
- Fixed missing cancel tech button on Citadel of Adun and Cybernetic Core


this mod is so amazing...

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"- Fixed a bug where chrono boost can be casted on a non-protoss building"

I don't consider this a bug, since in SC2 Chrono Boost DOES work on Zerg and Terran buildings too.

But I guess if it's something you don't actually want to happen than it is a bug. xD

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RavenWolf Author

It was a bug actually, because it can be used on a non-protoss building but doesnt give any bonus, So it was a waste of energy.

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Una vez demostrando que es este el mejor mod.

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Es el mod que a mi me gustá más, lo malo es que StarCraft es limitado pero mira lo que el ha logrado hacer con el juego, yo lo encuentro increible.

RavenWolf I find your mod being the best one out without being a total conversion of some kind, you have also always succeeded in maintaining it as StarCraft some how.

Any release date?
By the way does anyone know why did Blizzard make nuclear missiles to take supply in the first case?

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RavenWolf Author

I dont think i can give a release date yet, as i always get delayed with some stuff or bugs, but i will try to release it before the next year.

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Las mejoras son excelentes, la mejora del firebat, es como la del hellion de SC2, esa imagen mola.

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