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Update of the development in past months, discussion about our team.

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Hello everyone!

Today we are gonna show you some stuff we have been working on in past months.



I'm Erin-Rose, a recent addition to the team. My primary job is modeling and some texture work for said modeling for PSC. My secondary goal is to judge the mod team and look down upon them, for I am superior to them. So far the only thing I have done is make new Laser Catcher models that fit in with the style of the mod. These are not the only models I will be making for this mod, so stay tuned for more.

catcher 1



Hi, I'm Lord_of_Squishe, I am one of the composers for this mod. I've made the tracks "Security Through Obscurity" and "True and Blue" for the mod so far, and I'm going to talk about them a little! "Security Through Obscurity" was an experimental track I made a while back that ended up being reused for this mod, it was made with a set of plucks and a few sequence instruments. "True and Blue" is a new track that I made for the first test involving the High Power Laser (blue laser), hence the name, this track was very unique because I ended up using a nifty note trick with an instrument to make the robotic, drum-like noise that you hear throughout the song, I'm very proud of this track and think it fits well with the mod! That's all I have to say for now, as I am fairly new to the team, but I hope that you all enjoy my other tracks that I'll be making over time!

Custom Test Elements:


Supercharged Laser

Hi I'm art0007i, and I worked on scripting the Supercharged Laser in Portal: Singularity Collapse. The Supercharged Laser is a new mechanic we are introducing in this mod, it works like a regular laser, but when it hits a reflection cube it goes through the cube and comes out as two red lasers.


Making this was quite a challenge since vscript is very limited in what it can do and custom mechanics like this are a real challenge. We hope to rework and improve this script later with the use of cscript which will be a part of P2CE later down the line.

Laser Denial Field

Additionally, we also plan to add another mechanic related to lasers called the Laser Denial Field, it will be a wall that players can pass through but lasers cannot, except Supercharged Lasers which will be able to pass through the Denial Field but will lose some of their power and become regular red lasers.



Hi, I'm Enderek0 the main mapper and lead developer of Portal: Singularity Collapse.

We've come a long way since we started to work on this mod, many changes have been made. I'm pretty happy and satisfied with the results of our work. We decided our path and what this mod should look like.


We like to call our style Recycled Aperture. Why that you might ask? Well, it looks exactly like in the name. Tests are conducted in old aperture test shafts, with new aperture test elements such as autoportals or laser. The clue to the question "Why?" can be found in the showcase video on posters.

There is gonna be another, at least one new style in this mod, that we unfortunately cannot tell you about now.

Open jobs:

That said, we still need a sound designer and puzzle designer.


Thanks for reading and enjoy the 10 minute video!

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