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Detailing available commands at this state of development and interesting new improvements

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(Same news deleted by error one hour ago ><)

Detection system is fully operational, as well as the new scrolling system (using scroll.rect method) with a cool background of...circles (again ^^) that scrolls too. So basic movements are now almost completely operational.
Actually, I'm at 20 on 30FPS (30 is heaven) with all activated ( I buy my computer 4 years ago, I just hope people who will play to this game ( if there is :D) will have all better configurations ^^ ")
I will try to do the best to have a minimum limit of 25 FPS.

New circular gauges have been implemented (not in ActionScript, bad quality). I've also done more friendly-user indicators here :

About targets, they are automatically named with a number when they are in the good range. As you may understand in the next lines, you will never add more than 10 (including CTRL+0) objects target-able in the same time. Anyway, It's not a shooter game. (may be some times there will be mass waves of enemies, but your ship, The Moshanyana, won't be able to targeting them one by one)

I've delete cooling components, not interesting, I prefer to add only pressure control.

You can activate and disable systems not to consume compressed fluid from your compressed fluid tank.

Available commands (that are the only commands so not really 'shortcuts') :

  • A : Activate/disable Analyzer
  • B : Activate/disable Mnemonic Barrier (to protect the Memory, containing all your programs, systems and other data)
  • D : Activate/disable Detectors
  • E : Open/Close Encyclopedia Webdianis
  • M : Activate/disable Motor
  • P : Activate/disable Propulsor (auxiliary propulsor automatically activated if needed)
  • S : Activate/disable Stabilizer
  • T : Activate/disable Transmission or Fluid canals. I'm not sure actually, but I'm sure that will be the only way to able programs transfer in analyzed objects.
  • Delete : Cancel Program (the Moshanyana must be connected to the object he has launched the program on)
  • Shift : Open/Close Program List above Analyzer/Encyclopedia
  • Page Down, Page Up : scroll Program list
  • Enter : Activate the program selected on the Program list
  • Left,Right,Down,Up : control Moshanyana's direction (I've add a circular line on the navigator screen)
  • CTRL+ Page Down, CTRL+ Page Up : scroll (on gene assembler screen) program list (this list is about all the programs launched, not only the ones on the actual Analyzed object).
  • CTRL+ Number : Configure Gene Assembler/Program Screen. With CTRL, the 0 suppress the actual Configuration. (example : with the emitter program launched, you can write a message (with the 9 numbers which are symbols) in a special language (you can change language by pressing L).
  • Number : analyze Target

Pretty easy to learn, I hope
The numbers of the Keyboard and the Keypad have the same usage.

Next time, for the tenth development news, I will show you a new video ;D

Development screen 05/05/11
Development screen 05/05/11Development screen 05/05/11

Huh, looking really cool. Keep up the awesome work and remember, SHINIER IS BETTER..ER!

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