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Hello adventurer, welcome to the first devblog of the STDP. Calm down, do not worry about not knowing exactly what the STDP is, let’s explain everything in this chapter of our logbook .

-What does the acronym mean?

Maybe this is the main question of first-time adventurers, STDP stands for “Space, Time and Dimensions Protectors”

-Hi? What? Space-time I understand, but … Dimensions? Are you crazy?

Crazy? No not yet. And yes, dimensions, plural, but calm … We can explain, however, every good story needs to have a suspense, so let’s leave it for later.
But remember, dimensions, in the plural!

-Okay, but what do they do?

They are responsible for protect all the places in any time period (in all existing dimensions)… Yes, it is a very stressful job and the salary is not even that good.

– Does that mean they can travel in time ??? And can they go anywhere ???

Well… Yes, they can, but this is a serious job, without them, the peace, harmony and stability of our multiverse would be lost, they only go where they need, just like super heroes.

-What? Multiverse? EXPLAIN!

See? The suspense did not make the story more interesting? Well, I think it’s time for you to know a bit more.

Imagine that each point in space in each time period has a “brother”, but that they are not necessarily alike, they are just ‘made for each other’.

In formal terms, each point in the space-time of our universe is called the dimensional point, and each other universe (dimension) has an equivalent dimensional point, not equal or similar, only equivalent, and the junction of all these dimensions form a multiverse.

So, do you know the bogeyman we feared so much until we ‘discovered’ that he is not real? How can I say… hm… He exists, actually, THEY exist, at least in the Universe Z-56, but do not worry, they are scared to death of humans beings.

I know, it’s a lot of information to process, so, no more questions for today’s. Next week we’ll answer some more, which for those who do not know, they can be made by sending a message to our HQ at the following address:

-But … You did not even mention the project! Why did you call me here? What is the purpose here? How will it work?

Oh, thank you for reminding me, I was about to forget … But so, do you remember that thing about suspense? So come back here tomorrow, I promise to tell you everything …

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