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As we haven't shown the devastator in public yet, we thought we would show you a trailer of it in action.

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The American Confederacy is famed for the strength of it's tank battalions. But nobody was quite prepared for the Devastator when it first rolled out of the factories. A massive tank, capable of countering anything on the ground, the Devastator was quickly feared amongst enemy troops for it's ability to counter almost any enemy force, as can be seen in these demonstration videos.

An almost un-counterable unit, the Devastator is a force to be reckoned with, capable of fighting off most threats with barely a scratch to show for it. It can fire tank shells, rockets and machine guns, all capable of tearing through their selected target in a mere matter of seconds. While powerful on the ground, the sheer strength of this unit does not extend to the air, as it's turrets are incapable of tilting vertically at all. Due to the heavy armour plating, the Devastator is also a slow, lumbering monster of a tank. If you can skirt it effectively, you can also kill it.

American Confederacy Devastator

Unit Abilities

  • Longer range than previous heavy tank designs.
  • Can effectively deal with all ground targets.
  • Very strong armour

We hope you've enjoyed our latest update.
This is the EC team signing off.


As i said in the forums, it looks awesome!!!.... Only thing that i would like for a change is the size/placement of the main cannon...its too short for my liking...but it does not ruin the looks....this looks completely badass :)

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Really good looking model, one critique on the texture, those rivets look the size of a human head. Maybe reduce their size a little?

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I know you all don't answer comments but I still would like to ask why you didn't set the tank up with a rotating turret. The visual aesthetic of you're models is great this one included but the fast twitching of the "lumbering" tank from target to target is very odd and I think it takes away from the tanks personality considerably.

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mbob61 Author

The main cannon is rotatable but we made the anti infantry cannon static on purpose. You cannot limit the firing arc of weapons, meaning they can always fire 360 degrees.
Due to how low down it is, imagine what would happen if an infantry man came up behind it. The turret would fire through the chassis which wouldn't look nice.


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I think I'm in love :D

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