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Hey how's everyone doing? It's been a while since our last update, so let's start with a few words from Anubis.

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By 2055 aggression between the big powers reached it's highest level, as all 4 players pumped all their resources into the war, ignoring all the financial risks involved. Within 2 years of prolonged heavy conflicts, everyone found themselves in the need to lower military resource spending. By 2058 it was clear to everyone that the total defeat of any of the big players was not happening any time soon. Either the impregnable defense of the WEA, the high mobility of the AC, the massed armor columns of the ADF, or the treachery and extreme resiliency of the WLF, proved too great an obstacle to be overcome by any single faction. The stalemate had to be broken, and everyone knew the only way to do this was to capture all the neutral adjacent lands around their territories and use the additional resources and manpower to their advantage. Eastern Europe, northern Africa, Antarctica, and what was left of the Middle East, all became primary war zones. In a way, this was a huge breath of fresh air for each faction, with the front lines move away from their homelands, but, with the fear of another economic collapse looming on everyone's heads, a complete military restructure was unavoidable.

For the WEA, that meant reallocating vehicles and equipment from their Continental Defense division, as well as technologies previously exclusive to them, to improve the Mechanized Assault division and turn it into a simplified global operations force. This decision was met with fierce resistance by pro Continental Defense politicians, who argued that waging a war outside the walls would only waste resources as well as jeopardize the safety of the inner cities. They also claimed that the resources they were receiving from the recycler facilities would be more than enough if they would just focus all their attention on defense. In the end, the global operations force proposal won, and by the end of 2058, the Mechanized Assault division became the European Rapid Response Initiative (ERRI). Their task: to quickly secure strategic points outside the walls, and hold them at all costs.

The ADF had it the worst, having suffered countless defeats in eastern Europe against the WEA, and also several defeats against AC incursions within south east Asia, the ADF was practically forced to cut their military spending. The use of nuclear ordinance was greatly reduced, partly due to their high cost, but also because of the damage they were causing to the already poor post impact environmental situation. and other exotic weapons was reserving them only for special occasions, and only under the authority of high ranking officials. As an alliance between the worlds biggest vehicle owning countries, the ADF has huge military vehicle reserves. This became the basis for the decision to make the bulk of the new ADF army consist mostly of mass produced ground vehicles. By the end of 2058 the Federal Expeditionary Force (FEF) was formed, it's mission: to capture the neutral zones around ADF territory, and crush anyone who gets in their way.

For the AC, their problem came from their territory being stretched over a vast region. The AC had difficulty providing rapid response with the bureaucracy that plagued its multiple military branches. Each general wanted his demands to have priority, while each branch insisted its needs more important than the other branches'. Once the AC's situation came to a more balanced state, the AC executive branch moved to simplify their military system to allow a more direct approach to any situation. The priority was diverted to extreme mobility provided by drones, spec-op teams, and air supremacy. Eventually, the Global Operation Command (GOCOM) was formed, tasked with maintaining control over all the current territories as well as capturing new territory for the AC.

The WLF had 2 main problems. The first problem was dealing with each cell's tendency of acting on their own, wasting men and resources in the process. Even after uniting under "The Avenger" the majority of the WLF was still split between different religious leaders, royal family members, and wealthy weapon dealers. To solve this, the Avenger mobilized his personal army and demanded total submission under the threat of death. It took many months and many deaths, but soon the entire WLF was directly under his control. Each cell was forbidden from doing any action without express instruction by the Avenger or his subordinates. The second problem was the huge lack in man power resulting from excessive fanatical behavior. The bulk of the WLF was made of religious fanatics willing to go to any lengths in the name of their god and the WLF. However, untrained, over-zealous fanatics can only go so far, and soon the WLF was losing a lot more men than they were gaining. To solve this problem, the Avenger forbid the following of any religion, and banned the use of suicide bombing and other fanatical acts. Once again, his decision was met with much fighting and death, however, to those who survived, he personally gave extensive training in combat, strategy, and the use of modern technology, and soon the results spoke for themselves. The WLF started winning battles left and right against the other 3 factions, most of the time against overwhelming odds. By the end of 2058, the Avenger had turned the WLF into a modern, highly trained, army of assassins, with an intelligence network the old GLA could only dream of, and now the their sights were set to their next target: the neutral territories untouched by the other 3 factions. It is time to end it all.

Hey how's everyone doing?

It's been a while since our last update, so let's start with a few words from Anubis.

Dr. Calin

The old sub-factions system is gone, instead we decided to just stick with the main factions. While having multiple sub factions is interesting, it is time consuming to make and also pretty limiting. The more factions you have the more you need to scrap from each other to make each one feel somewhat unique. Rather than being forced to do that, we would rather have the faction have it's own unique style and add as much as possible to that faction to further enhance it's theme feel.

So in short under the current plan, faction themes are as follows:


The WEA relies on its heavy defenses, infantry, and gunships. They have the strongest defenses in the game, their tech structures double as heavy defenses (ex. Fortress, and Olympus Fort), they have heavy basic infantry that can counter pretty much any type of threat, and their late game infantry are though enough to be considered light vehicles. Their special powers are directed towards map control and troop reinforcements.

Strengths: heavy defenses, strong secondary economy, good map control, very strong infantry and high tier gunships.
Weaknesses: limited artillery, high prices, limited direct firepower.


The ADF relies on its heavy use of massed tanks and ground vehicles. They have the strongest ground units in the game, their war factories produce units with conventional weapons while their experimental weapons are available only from their tier 2 tech structure. In order to further add to the whole military alliance we decided to give each tier a country theme: tier 1 is dedicated to China, tier 2 is dedicated to India, and tier 3 is dedicated to Russia. This applies to Their experimental units as well, with early experimental units being Chinese or Indian in origin, while heavy experimental units being Russian in origin.

Strengths: heavy and easily spammed ground vehicles.
Weaknesses: limited advanced units and aircraft.


The AC relies on its heavy use of drones and air units. They have the strongest air units with gunships that can cover multiple roles, as well as a variety of jets for surgical strikes. Their ground forces mostly consist of drones and light to medium vehicles. The AC have heavy air transports that allows them to move quickly around the map, and have a lot of hard hitting support powers.

Strengths: heavy air units and high mobility.
Weaknesses: weak ground units.


The WLF relies on stealth, versatility and heavy artillery. Having no regard for civilian safety, the WLF employs devastating high explosive and biological weapons, to commit repeated acts of terror, and disappear before enemy forces could respond. While the GLA used propaganda to incite riots and other fanatical acts, WLF propaganda, emphasizes self preservation over self sacrifice, healing and inspiring their troops instead. Every WLF factory can call on the support off any cell at any time, by choosing 1 of 3 available tech upgrades to spice up their unit roster.

Strengths: heavy artillery and stealth. propaganda. versatility.
Weaknesses: weak units (before tech upgrades).

In terms of the current content we've already made public in older updates, I am happy to announce that all those models for WEA will belong to a single faction. Some of their roles however have changed to adapt to the new direction.

A few examples:
- Olympus Fort is now the new tier 3 tech structure unlocking WEA's most powerful technologies.
- Cerberus Defense is no longer uses a photon-tech weapon but a cryo-tech weapon, becoming more of a support oriented defense.
- Phobos is no longer WEA's early AA unit, but their early ATGM - dedicated anti-tank.
- Charon is no longer a mine layer but WEA's early troop transport and AA vehicle.

This are just a few examples, but almost all units suffered changes of roles. We fill this will allow us to have a much better defined faction as well as offer us less amount of work. As we said several times, both me and Zeke, have hit a more adult period of our lives, where real life issues such as work or social life have takes much of our time. That being said, i hope you guys will enjoy this new update and as always feel free to ask questions as long as it's not the ultimate stupid one - when release :P

And now, some new unit renders.

WEA Hyperion

Initially a project designated for the Continental Defense army branch, it got retrofitted with additional weapons and techs and became what can be safely called WEA's flag ship of their gunship armada. While many would argue that jets still offer the superior mobility and firepower, in most urban warfare theaters, jets would only be able to bomb from a far distance. But the true fire-support for ground forces comes from gunships. Of course the Hyperion takes the gunship concept to a whole new level, but it was a concept born out of necessity. The initial concept was smaller and armed with an experimental PRISMTM cannon. However with the military doctrine switch, the concept got improved by an increase in size and the addition of multiple missile launchers to fulfill a much needed role within WEA's ERRI force: A siege weapon. The PRISMTM cannon does extreme damage to defenses and structures in general, and if that's not enough, the Hyperion can launch a volley of incendiary missiles that will melt any structure. Since it's mobility is rather lacking, it also comes with an air-to-air missile battery to counter lighter air threats.

WEA Hekate

Exotic weapons like those employed by the Hyperion cost a lot of resources, so in order to keep spending within limits, the ERRI high command called for additional retrofits of other gunships in order to fulfill different roles. One of these retrofits became a powerful new weapon on its own. Based on the Nyx gunship, the Hekate has additional armor, a nose mounted auto-cannon for light ground targets, and dual mounted air-to-air photon arrays. The Hekate's main role is to hunt down and destroy enemy air units.

WEA Nemesis

While gunships provide excellent support for ground forces, they cannot offer the firepower required to level a whole block instantly. So when the situation deems it necessary, WEA employees VTOL bombers to deal terrible terrible damage. The Nemesis is a joint project between the ERRI and Cynopolis Corp. It's role is to level defensive positions or army groups that gunships and ground vehicles find too hard to crack. It is armed with an experimental photon-tech vortex bomb that deals both instant damage as well as damage over time.

Well that's all we have for this update.

Want more info? Head to our website!


Comments and suggestions? Post them in the server!


Want to help out, but can't mod? Make us popular!


and we'll see you in the next update.


I must say guys I'm really enjoying the twists and turns this project is taking. Whilst I was originally a little sad that the AC lost its American tanks faction vibe, but the direction its taken since is unique and well designed I must say. I think you guys had the right idea in terms of simply having the main factions. Whilst Subs are cool and specialised, they take up time in development and balancing, and I understand that you guys are under a lot of pressure in real life too. Really like the direction and can't wait to see more.
Thanks guys

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That Nemesis model is truly worth the name, I love heavy bombers.

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Gotta really love your classic humor you apply to everything you do :
And i really think your content deserve a better engine to be on, because of how great it is. Keep up an amazing work guys c:

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Zeke_Dlyoung Author

Well something like that is planned for the future. However, we've resolved not to abandon ZH, until a complete beta with all factions is done.

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Why not WLF but GLF?

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Zeke_Dlyoung Author

Fixed :P

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You would think the factions would talk peace after their they realize their wallet gotten quite thin. After all, that's what the politicians care about more than anything.

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You would think that, if this world was ruled by politicians. But unless you've been living under a rock for your entire life, you should probably know the world is ruled by banks and corporations - be it weapons, oil, medical or w/e other corps. And nothing makes their pockets richer than wars.

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