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News about mod development progress. New weapons, new quests and other.

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Hello everyone! We've got some news.

First - we've got some new weapons. Best you can get for STALKER: SHOC (we've looked all of it). And, more important, new guns were adapted for new addon system. Now you will be able to use multiple addons with one weapon. Got AK74? Need scope? Use UPO-1 (1P29) scope. Looking for night vision while aiming? Consider 1PN51 scope. Need better handling? Get tactical grip! There are various collimators and even ACOG scope that can be used through attachable Picatinny rail. One gun - plenty of options.

Second - new quests. Now there is something strange and evil in City-32 and it's waiting for you. Get to the city that really dead and try to survive. Somebody there can help you though.

New ending - it's epic. You'll need help for various forces presented in STALKER. Try to get all reinforcements you can, and win battle for Generators. Oops, that's little more than i should say...

And last. Mod is ready. It's good, stable and completable. We're can't wait to share it with you. But there is one thing remains to be done - translation. English translation is done for 70% but it's not enough. So we need your help. If you can translate russian text to english (or other language) and want to help, please feel free to contact with me through PM. We're planning to release standalone multilanguage version of OGSE and your contribution can really speed it up.


NanoTheBandit - - 1,259 comments

If only I knew my native enough, I wouldve helped out with the english translation

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Rob12772 - - 126 comments

Hi, I played your OBT and it was awesome I must say. Sure, had a little trouble reading in russian, but I mostly understood everything. I can't wait for multilanguage version though, that will make my playthrough alot better.

I hope this mod will be meeting alot of praise for it's new mechanics, quests and such.

All I can say now is keep up the good work and thanks for making SoC better than any other mod out there.

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marsalandrei - - 817 comments

There are times I wish I could learn Russian just because of Stalker, and because of machine translations which don't make sense in general :)

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Moige - - 178 comments is the best site I know for that.

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Moige - - 178 comments

Hi, I can do a french translation and help with the english one if you want (I can also proof-read whatever has already been done).

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Gleb_AA-Gun - - 1,002 comments

I love russian, wish I knew how to speak it. :/

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unamonu - - 2 comments

I hope the characters will talk Russian, only the written text will be in English, right? If this is the case, I may try to bring my humble contribution. :)

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Meltac - - 1,138 comments

Good news, looking forward to play this (in English)! Unfortunately I can't help with the translation... (as my Russian is limited to about 7 words ;) )

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Amoch - - 1,541 comments

Really excited by the inclusion of Generators map. I've only played the CoC version, but I immediatly felt THIS is how STALKER ShoC should have ended - at the Generators. Looking forward to play 0693!

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