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The second part of a series of articles exploring the heroes of Haradwaith - backgrounds, powers, and strategies.

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Continuing our series of articles dedicated to the heroes of Haradwaith, we're taking a closer look at Câssimir, the Lord of Stones, the first half of the informal Duumvirate of Umbar.

Câssimir, Lord of Stones

The night air was cool and clear. No clouds obscured the net of stars above. Câssimir stood silently, gazing out of the highest window of the tallest tower in his ancestral palace. The sprawling port-city of Umbar lay below, livelier than it had been for decades. The sounds had reached him in his uneasy sleep and wakened him, after which he could not return to rest.


As he looked, he saw great fires being lit all over the distant docks, their tall flames grasping towards an unreachable black sky, their glow eating away the brightness of the stars. His grip on the window's rail became stronger. The beat of his heart grew louder. The sight of fire upon the docks reminded him of his father's disastrous defence against that sudden Gondorian raid, nigh on thirty years ago. During that night the great Umbarian fleet was largely destroyed. Many great warriors had perished, and the power and grandeur of his name and lineage were marred. Life in Umbar had never been the same. ‘Thorongil', they had called him - the leader of the pack. A pretentious name, something meant to hide an identity Câssimir could only guess at. He had not been able to meet this cruel warrior in combat. His father had held him back at the palace, telling him to bar the gates and organise the last defence. But the battle had never come close. Thorongil had only sought to burn the fleet. His father perished that day, unable to withstand the mastery of his assailant. How different things might have been, had he been allowed to cross swords with this ‘Eagle of the Star', he had often thought. He would have prevailed where his father could not.

But tonight, the glow that illuminated the docks that had been dark for so long did not come from any Gondorian force. It was not some northern pretender that had come to cleanse Umbar of his enemies. Squinting, Câssimir thought he could make out a great dark shape at the edge of the greatest pier, far in the distance: the ship of Bûrodapân - the so-called Lord of Waves, the Corsair-lord whose cruel reputation preceded him amongst the waves of the southern Belegaer and beyond. Câssimir knew him as the second son, his errant little brother, a dangerous nuisance who had thankfully rarely visited for most of the thirty years since the great calamity. Whenever he did, the city had reeled under his pressure. But never before had Câssimir seen him return in such force. A great number of ships accompanied him, manned no doubt by hosts of raucous Men. Câssimir sensed his brothers' purpose - the time of his vengeance had come at last.

For a while, Câssimir stood lost in thought. Revenge was all well and good, and over the years there had been the occasional raid on Gondorian outposts, but a full-scale war brought the risk of utter ruin, just when it seemed that Umbar might be on the mend.

And yet… if he could rein his brother in, temper his most destructive tendencies… he could make a formidable ally - under his strict authority. For Câssimir knew that an opportunity for revenge would soon come. Over the last few years, messengers from the dark land of Mordor had come and gone. A great war was brewing. Zigûr had returned from the dark depths of time. His ancient fortress had been rebuilt. It would be a matter of time ere he would call upon Câssimir's loyalty, handed down from his distant ancestors. When that time came, Câssimir knew he would have to be ready. The thought often plagued him: a failure to adequately uphold his oaths to the Dark One would go very badly for him. This was a sure path to Umbar's long-lost glory, but power came slowly for Câssimir. What little authority he maintained over Umbar's lords was ever-dwindling. The coffers, overflowing in his father's time, were long since empty. His grasp was tenuous at best. A divided Umbar would be of no use to Zigûr and would doom them all.

He stepped away from the window, climbed down a few dozen steps, and walked into a spacious room. The dark-haired woman in his bed awoke and spoke drowsily.

'What is it?'

Câssimir did not answer. Lighting a torch, he sat down at his great desk. It was clear to him that he had no choice.

'Câssimir, my love?'

He turned his head and looked at her.

'He has returned.'

'Your brother?'

Her voice quivered. She pulled her blankets up, but it hadn't been the cold night that bothered her. She stayed still for a moment, then silently slipped out from under her covers, gathered her gown and golden jewelry, and disappeared.

Câssimir paid her no heed. He was lost in thought. He needed his brother - not as an equal, but as a vassal, a means to preparedness, a force to pave the path to strength. Though it had been many years since they last spoke, he believed he still understood his brother's mind, his base intellect and tendency to lower desires. It should not prove too difficult to sway him to a wiser course. He unfurled a roll of parchment and dipped his red-feathered quill into black ink, and began to write.


Câssimir leads the Black Númenórean units in Haradwaith. He is a masterful swordsman and leader, capable of cleaving a path through the enemy ranks while debuffing them and buffing his own Men.

Rank 1: Lord of Stones
Nearby Black Númenórean units gain +33% Armor and Damage and +50% Experience. At level 8, can be activated to grant all nearby friendly units +50% armour

Câssimir is the designated leader of Haradwaith's Black Númenórean subfaction. His presence greatly improves their effectiveness, and is pivotal for a Black Númenórean-oriented playstyle. The active ability greatly improves the survivability of all nearby units (not just Black Númenóreans).


Rank 1: Mount
Câssimir can mount his armored steed to support the mounted Black Númenórean Vanguard

Haradwaith is a highly mobile faction. The Black Númenórean Vanguard make up the heavy cavalry element of the roster. The Lord of Umbar, of course, has to be able to keep up.

Rank 3: Rule of the King's Men
Câssimir plants the Banner of the King's Men. Nearby units resistance to fear, terror and knockback. Nearby battalions will replenish fallen units

A distant descendant of the Ar-Pharazon's followers, Câssimir has not forgotten his ancient ancestry. The heraldry of the past still inspires those that long to return to it. Raising the Banner of the King's Men allows Câssimir to support his Men from a fixed position and reinforce their numbers.


Rank 5: Cold Judgement
Enemy units within the radius are stunned for 5 seconds and have -33% armour for 10 seconds

Câssimir is an excellent combat hero. Cold Judgement allows him to sweep the battlefield or retreat his Men to safer ground while his opponents are locked in place.

Rank 10: Hewer of Ranks
Câssimir knocks down and pins target hero for 15 seconds. Normal units are knocked down and damaged. Subsequently, Câssimir's attack and armor are increased by 50% for 30 seconds


We'll be continuing this series of Haradwaith's heroes soon! Look forward to more lore on these AotR Canon characters.

Ok bye!
The Age of the Ring Team


Loving these lore articles! The screenshots really complement them, too.

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looking great awesome work

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Now I want to root for him.

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Very appreciated Age of the Ring team.
Incredible work and dedication to this mod, everything is very well taken care of, with every detail, each faction is a world so well done.
I can't thank you enough. But what surprised me the most is the Lord of the Rings campaign: I have never seen one like it and I think that is the mark that you leave in this mod, a spectacular campaign.
Please I understand the work and effort required in its elaboration but finish this wonderful campaign with the return of the king that will give the finishing touch to this mod, many people are waiting for it and we obviously depend on your mood, but please do not give up, finish this wonder, this will remain forever in history: The Age of the Ring team offered an unparalleled campaign to the whole world.
Thank you, thank you for your effort and dedication.

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yes awesome campaign the 2 towers very funny and dificulty i was think i can no beat the campaign ... love it the theodred missions very epic well and the gandalf missions and the faramir missions ...and the 3 hunters

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Those Black Númenórean units look great

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