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Contra 008 changelog (part 14) Fixed errors, Graphics, Maps, Other changes.

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The changes of this changelog can be seen in the latest release.

Gameplay errors fixed:

- Cyber spider tank has no options when you select it. Fixed.
- USA Boss EMP Tower can not be disabled now. This fixes the glitch with its EMP field.
- MogadishuTower04 is not garrisonable anymore. This fixes the glitch with firing from it.
- Too many fireworks caused the game to slow down. Fixed.
- GLA Stealth's Scorpion II Weapon Status is frozen. Fixed.
- AI knows about new units and buildings and recognizes them as targets properly now.
- USA Pilots start going wherever they want and get stuck. Fixed.
- Sentry Droids do not fire at enemies automatically when stealth. Fixed.
- Blackout Missile System does not repair itself. Fixed.
- Cyber Dominators have glitchy missiles. Fixed.
- USA Boss: Leonidas takes forever to be built. Fixed.
- Toxin general AI does not build Arms Dealer. Fixed.
- China Boss: Particle Cannon repairs itself (should not be). Fixed.
- China Boss: Scout drone can crush trees and run over infantry. Fixed.
- China Boss: Hackers were unlimited and did not require Internet Center. Fixed.
- Stealth general's Mortar Buggy turns entire hull instead of its gun when firing Gas Warheads. Fixed.
- Anti-radar Missile Launcher doesn't attack enemy radars automatically. Fixed.
- When you select a Hijacker, a hijack ability icon is not shown, but if you select multiple Hijackers - it appears. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Rocket Truck has weird physics. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Radar Van's AA Radar can't be deployed. Fixed.
- Raven does not bring damage to air units. Fixed.
- Atmospheric Lenz (when launched) got affected by Tank general's Shaker Overlord. Fixed.
- Enemies fired at Jarmen Kell's parasite. Fixed.
- Assassin Biker is always invisible. Fixed.
- ToxinG - Karakourt stays stealthed while attacking. Fixed.
- Assault general's Underground Command Post has camouflage option, but it can't be purchased. Fixed.
- China Internet Center physical size did not fit its 3d model size. Fixed.
- GLA Temple of Jihad physical size did not fit its 3d model size. Fixed.
- If there is a Red Arrow next to an Airfield, it fires 2 missiles at a taking off plane. Fixed.
- Carpet bomb general's power reloaded for 6 minutes, but it was written "7:00". Fixed. Reloads for 7 minures now, as it is said.
- Tunnel Digger and Rig Launcher can't be recycled. Fixed.
- Assault General. After you unlock the unit training from general's powers menu, Radar Van's veterancy is added. Fixed.
- Aladdin doesn't have some buttons in command set. Fixed.
- Stealth general Mortar Buggy's back wheels are not spinning. Fixed.
- Laser Defense Drone uses "F" as a shortcut, which is also used to set formation. Fixed.
- If you capture a Chinese War Factory, you can't build a Listening Outpost. Fixed.
- Cancelling the construction of a Fuel Tube spreads fire around. Fixed.
- Poisoned dead bodies block toxin and fire streams. Fixed.
- Bobcat has an unneeded "Guard Air button" and "Clean toxins" button is absent. Fixed.
- Minigunner has lower armor than Red Guards. Fixed (equal now).
- Stealth general - Assassin Biker is not built as veteran after the GLA Training general's power is unlocked. Fixed.
- Enemies around the ECM effect automatically fire at the ECM impact. Fixed.
- Ravens damage buildings with the missiles when firing at aircraft. Fixed.
- When Toxin Tractor kills one soldier, another nearby soldier can receive very high rate of fire sometimes. Fixed.
- Demo Tunnel Network doesn't bring any damage to surrounding units when you detonate it. Fixed.
- Civilian Chemical Bunkers and Chemical Factory bring damage around themselves when damaged, but no toxins are displayed. Fixed.
- WDS was too strong because of a bug: it ignored reload time. Fixed.
- GLA Azarakhsh was dependent on power. Fixed.
- GLA Cave construction can't be continued because building site can not be selected. Fixed.
- Yan Wang fires at aircraft with Neutron Shells before upgrade is purchased. Fixed.
- Player can easily gain rank by ordering Black Lotus to disable enemy vehicles. Fixed.
- Trains are affected by shockwaves. Fixed.
- When infantry is wounded, a "get in" cursor appears when you point it at a Command Truck, Listening Outpost or Troop Crawler. Fixed.
- After Improved MIRV upgrade, Yan Wang is able to penetrate energy shields. Fixed.
- StealthG Anti-radar Missile Launcher - It can't fire at a fake Radar Van. Fixed.
- Manticore (Huang Zhong) had redundant AA attack range. Fixed (reduced by 25%).
- Quad Defense Site starts firing at enemy buildings automatically and ignores aircraft. Fixed.
- Large number of GLA bikes could cause a crash because of shadow drawing problems. Fixed.
- Crop Dusters have "get in" cursor on Airfields, but they can't land on them. Fixed.
- Scorpion Smoke ability disables drones. Fixed. Smoke ability was removed.

Graphic and sound errors fixed:

- Damaged Nemesis model is absent. Fixed.
- USA Boss Command Center has the airforce gen logo. Fixed.
- GLA Stealth's Fake Scorpion II has a visible muzzle flash. Fixed.
- Demo general nuke detonator had no texture. Fixed.
- ZTZ-104 has no headlights at night. Fixed.
- Saturn animation is played when standing. Fixed.
- When selecting GLA Missile Silo, its hole opens instantly and closes. Fixed.
- Nemesis had weird death animation. Fixed.
- Really damaged WDS is too black. Fixed.
- When a normal USA SW Dozer gets destroyed, a hull of the armored SW Dozer appears. Fixed.
- China Boss: Supply Truck's cameo is different than the one which is inside the Supply Center. Fixed.
- USA Boss Challenger loses its housecolor and turret does not rotate when it has low health. Fixed.
- Tank general's Heavy ECM tank had double decal. It was noticeable on rough terrain. Fixed.
- White Dragon. When it gets destroyed and when it starts to go down - its model is not damaged. Fixed.
- Cancelling Elbrus Storm construction does not leave an explosion scorch mark. Fixed.
- Infantry can capture Tech Radar without being close enough visually. Fixed.
- DemoG - Efreet has smoke under itself while stopped. Fixed.
- When you cancel China Power Plant construction, a scorch mark does not appear. Fixed.
- New Tech Field Bunker's housecolor gets black when the bunker is damaged. Fixed.
- Comanches' rotor blades don't rotate normally. Fixed.
- Quad Tank has housecolor not attached to turret. Fixed.
- Dominator launched missiles along a wrong direction. Fixed.
- Coyote's housecolor is not recognizable when it's damaged. Fixed.
- AssaultG - Rig Launcher's digger does not change housecolor. Fixed.
- Spy Drone/UAV doesn't have housecolor on its wings. It's always black. Fixed.
- If you select an enemy Pave Low, its cameo does not appear. Fixed.
- GLA Toxin general's Terrorists don't have an explosion sound. Fixed.
- When flame artillery hits infantry, you see blood splatter and hear bullet hitting sound. Fixed.
- Tech Radar's upgrade icon (stealth detector) is missing. Fixed.
- WDS beam does not disappear when it fires from outside of screen. Fixed.
- When challenge loading screen is displayed, "versus" word is heard. Fixed.
- Chinese Supply Trucks use Arabic voice when the supply source is empty. Fixed.
- USA Cyber General's Patriots don't have a preview sound (when you click on it, you don't hear anything). Fixed.
- USA Air Force Coyote tank says "Crusader Tank responding". Fixed.
- USA Air Force Bobcat and Eye uses replics like "Artillery deployed", "We will destroy the enemy" and others which don't fit their role. Fixed.
- When Oil Refinery is destroyed, there is a floating smoke which doesn't come from anything, it just spawns from the air. Fixed.
- Nuke demo trap has missing textures (displayed in pink). Fixed.
- Battle Drone lands to repair flying vehicle (which flies above it). Fixed.
- AssaultG Demolisher - When it's attacked by a a flame unit, its texture becomes black (damaged) and gets normal when fire disappears from it. Fixed.
- StealthG Scorpion II used wrong icon for build button. Fixed.
- SWG upgraded WDS - While in disassembling (selling) process, the coordinate marker turret is shown, not the ion cannon. Fixed.
- StealthG - Radar Van Scan icon is visible from game start and can't be used before upgrading. Fixed.
- Karkadann launched shells from wrong barrels. Fixed.
- USA Chinook rubble model - The blades' texture is weird. Fixed.
- Demo Zipper has shadow bug. Fixed.
- Some trees were oversized. Fixed.
- Chinese Artillery Battery - No preview sound is played when you select it. Fixed.
- GLA Artillery Barrage general's power decal gets resized after choosing the target. Fixed.
- Chinese Red Arrow doesn't have recoil animation when firing at aircraft. Fixed.
- Infantry General Command Center had unneeded "Stop" button. Fixed.
- Harbingers had Countermeasueres upgrade icon, but Cyber general doesn't have this upgrade available. Fixed.
- Chinese Red Arrow uses English sounds. Fixed.
- Mobile Barracks - ChinaAC_mov4.wav - It's quieter than the others. Fixed.
- Quad Cannon does not fire behind enemies anymore - it aims precisely.
- Added snow version of supplies.
- Multiplayer loading bars had incorrect colors. Fixed.
- Guardian, Sentry, and other robots - No sound when unit is ready. Fixed.
- When Engineering Troop Crawler is damaged, sprayer does not rotate and neutralizer spawns from wrong spot. Fixed.
- Scorpion II has shiny treads when in destroyed state. Fixed.
- Azarakhsh did not have camo netting. Fixed.
- Chinese Red Arrow and GLA Stinger - Every 2nd missile is glitchy. Fixed.
- InfantryG - Shandian uses Troop Crawler's debris/destroyed model. Fixed.
- Civilian Militia Tank's treads are moving while the tank is standing. Fixed.
- ToxinG Sturm-S - The projectile is bigger than the launcher. Fixed.
- When Squid Drone is built, you hear "Upgrade complete" voice. Fixed.
- Some decorative objects such as street signs and street lamps were like ghosts and units could drive through them. Fixed. They can be now toppled by vehicles.
- Neutron Bomb special power - When you select it, decal appears, but when you launch it - the decal gets resized. Fixed.
- All GLA aircraft uses American voices when falling down. Fixed.
- Boss general Beetle mine has purple square on top. Fixed.
- Laser General Electricity Net Connection - lightning must be higher. Fixed.
- You can see smoke from a damaged Cluster mine even if it's stealth and hence, it reveals itself. Fixed.
- Web Defense System's laser blast effect on ground is flashing. Fixed.


- Black color removed from multiplayer.
- Cyber general's Burton replaced with Terminator.
- Scorpion cost reduced from 700 to 650.
- USA Boss EMP Tower. The error with its animation in damaged state was fixed and collapsing death effect was added.
- Demo general "Impairment" power was removed.
- Laser general "Lazer Strike" power was removed.
- Cyber general "Cluster Tomahawks" power was removed.
- Carpet bombing power was removed from flame general.
- Flame gneneral's artillery barrage power was changed. It does not leave fire anymore.
- GLA Radar Van does not need Arms Dealer anymore.
- Stealth general's Radar Van is camouflaged by default.
- Nuke general Battlemaster received +10% armor.
- Vanilla USA's Crusader Tank was replaced with Challenger II.
- Cyber general Avenger cost increased to 1000. Health was increased by 10% as well.
- Terrorist and bike terrorist explosion splash radius was increased 1.5 times.
- Demo general. Luna demo trap ability is removed.
- GLA Stationary radar vision range increased, build time reduced, radar become stealth.
- Demo general technical is built with 4 terrorists inside, costs 800.
- Demo general AA Mine returned to rank 1, damage was lowered by 15%.
- GLA Mortar buggy weapon switch removed. Buggy kills garrisoned infantry with its conventional shells after "Gas Warheads" upgrade is researched.
- Fake buildings were removed from the game.
- Fake base creation general's power was removed from Stealth general.
- Demo general Battle Bus cluster mine was improved: it explodes with 25% less delay and spawns 25% more bomblets.
- Cyber rank 3 units became 50% faster and 20% weaker (Crab and Spider have less armor, Dominator - longer reload time and less damage);
- AA Radar deployment general's power added to all GLA generals.
- Sentry Drone Gun upgrade was removed for AF general.
- GLA holes don't reveal themselves when they take damage.
- Particle Cannon was boosted and its cost was lowered.
- Toxin rebel was too strong. Firepower was reduced by 20%.
- AF general Hydra does not fire at buildings now.
- Leech became 20% faster.
- AF General Pilot costs $400 (was $600).
- AF General Burton A-10 Call power does not have delay before firing anymore.
- Veterancy system was remade: veterans receive twice smaller bonus to damage, but twice bigger bonus to health now.
- Boss generals were removed from selection menu.
- User interface was redesigned.
- Colossus was strengthened: +5% attack range, +50% more damage and 2 times bigger health for Sparrowhawk.
- America Dozer speed upgrade is global now.
- Added 5 player color choices.
- All GLA combat bikes became 6% slower.
- GLA Terrorist bikes became 11% slower and have 10% less health (Quad Cannons and Gattlings stop them).
- Demo general Nuclear bomb truck (super unit) became visible, but health was increased 2 times.
- Ambulance was removed from AF general.
- Chain guns upgrade does not affect Assault Helix anymore.
- SW general's Burton got Ion Cannon Strike ability.
- After Blue Lasers upgrade, Rangers became very powerful versus anti-infantry units. Their power versus vehicles was reduced, while power versus infantry was increased.
- Cyber general's Terminator got anti-personnel weapon. Knife was removed.
- Laser Crusader firepower was reduced by 11%.
- Angry Mob was made free, but it is produced for a long time. (Just as an experiment).
- USA Dozer speed was reduced by 15%. But engines upgrade makes it faster than China Dozer anyway.
- Saturn is built like a building.
- Assault general Rebel on bike replaced with Alshain.
- Demo general Cockroach does not have individual invisibility anymore, but has suicide jump ability instead.
- Mod version is shown in replays now.
- Impulse engines upgrade gives +30% speed, not +50% as earlier.
- Laser missiles upgrade was removed from AF general.


- Some maps removed.
- Added 30 new maps.
- Added new textures for maps.

For map makers:

- Unneeded textures removed, new ice and moon textures added.
- TSAcid01.tga location was fixed.
- GLA Factory was not visible in World Builder. Fixed.
- StoneArch01 is not visible in-game, but visible in WB. Fixed.
- China ATGM Trooper was not visible in WB. Fixed.
- Added neutral USA Ranger and Missile Defender in desert uniform.
- Cameos for UN Humvee, Militia Tank and China Agent were added.


- GLA Worker 3D model was changed.
- GLA Hijacker 3D model was changed.
- GLA Saboteur 3D model was changed.
- GLA Terrorist 3D model was changed.
- GLA Sniper 3D model was changed.
- GLA Jarmen Kell 3D model was changed.
- GLA Tunnel Defender 3D model was changed.
- GLA Rebels 3D models was changed.
- GLA Stinger Soldier 3D model was changed.
- GLA Boss Cobra Cannon 3D model was improved.

- USA Burton 3D model was changed.
- USA Pilot 3D model was changed.
- USA Cylon 3D model was changed.
- USA Guardian Droid 3D model was changed.
- USA Cyber Sentry Droid 3D model was changed.
- USA Laser Defender 3D model was changed.
- USA Boss general Ranger and Missile Defender models were changed to old cyborg models.
- USA Missile Defender 3D model was changed.
- USA Pathfinder 3D model was changed.
- USA Ranger 3D model was changed.
- USA Hummer 3D model was replaced with Valanx.
- USA Pave Low texture was improved.
- USA Repair Drone 3D model was changed.
- USA Medic Drone 3D model was changed.
- USA Drone Controller 3D model was changed.

- China Boss Flamethrower 3D model was changed.
- China Red Arrow 3D model was changed.
- China AGL Trooper 3D model was changed.
- China Jammer Trooper 3D model was changed.
- China Hacker 3D model was changed.
- China ATGM trooper 3D model was changed.
- China Minigunner 3D model was changed.
- China Sniper 3D model was changed.
- China Black Lotus 3D model was changed.
- China Nuke Tank Hunter 3D model was changed.
- China Field Engineer 3D model was changed.
- China Red Guard 3D model was changed.
- China Tank Hunter 3D model was changed.
- China Flame General Flamethrower 3D model was changed.
- China Guan Yu 3D model was changed.
- China Immolator 3D model was changed.
- China Emperor 3D model was changed.
- China Heavy Dragon Tank 3D model was changed.
- China Heavy ECM Tank 3D model was changed.
- China Mobile Sniper Cannon 3D model was changed.
- Added new models for some bunker addons.
- China Overlord-based tanks 3D models were changed.
- China Bunker 3D model was changed.
- China Fortified Bunker 3D model was changed.

- Neutral China Agent 3D model was changed.

- AF general engines upgrade grapic effect was remade.
- High resolution decals were added.
- Some standard cameos were improved.
- Old generals portraits were returned.


- Inscription "Requires: General's promotion" changed to "Requires: Higher Rank"
- All reported mistakes and typos were corrected.
- All noticed weird descriptions were corrected.
- All reported errors with upgrade descriptions in the left upper corner of the screen were fixed.
- Suggested improvements about descriptions were implemented everywhere where it was possible.
- "F" hotkey was removed from units because it conflicted with Ctrl+F command.

Noobenheimer - - 19 comments

Nice change log, keep up the good work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
K@ktu$ - - 133 comments

There are no 8-player maps... BTW Great work! The mod is great!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
РredatoR Author
РredatoR - - 3,838 comments

There are four 8 player maps. I don't know why some of you don't have them.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
K@ktu$ - - 133 comments

Ok, can you give me the names of them so i can try to create them through network.ini in mydocuments file. Tnx.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Valherran - - 2,443 comments

Good changes, however the AI for Toxin General is broken just so you all know.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Galacticruler - - 1,053 comments

Aww, no flames from the flame gen's arty strike?
tht was my favorite tactic, dump fuel, artillery stike, RUSH.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
РredatoR Author
РredatoR - - 3,838 comments

If you were on the other side, how would you counter your enemy from igniting the fuel pools? :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Galacticruler - - 1,053 comments

Simple, use a toxin/rad. cleaner unit and clean it, it always worked for me.

Alternatively, you could make the fuel dumpers for the flame general into some sort of stealth proximity multi-directional flame-spewer, and the "Dump Fuel" generals power into a temporary version of it that makes some spawn from the ground...

but the easiest way would be to have good A.A. defenses.

Also, the new beat has LOADS of errors in it, mostly strings, but the artillery training generals power's icon is slid to the left a bit, and another icon is partially showing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
РredatoR Author
РredatoR - - 3,838 comments

We know about all bugs. We just need time to fix them.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
aerox1982 - - 50 comments

Join Facebook group fan page contra :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
!!!karmenjell - - 663 comments

thanks for putting changelog up.
True to say that it is the little(but very important)details such as this that make you guys more thorough & efficient than A LOT of commercial program makers nowadays.

thanks again guys, for all your hard and unpaid work on this and other mods over the years KJ

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CyborgTr7 - - 19 comments

Good work great mod :) can we choose boss generals at skirmish?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
s10055072 - - 59 comments

Full Contra 008 plzzzz coming sooonn!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 689,290 comments

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ZunZero97 - - 641 comments

the china general infantry bunker appears pink on the picture.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
РredatoR Author
РredatoR - - 3,838 comments

We all know about it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
ZunZero97 - - 641 comments

please fix that problem.

send me the fix in
please give me the archive in my email.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 689,290 comments

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GeneralIronside1 - - 20 comments

hey predator bg how can i unlock boss generals
pls help

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Andi157 - - 8 comments

This mod is good but i have not Sound and doesn´t see my mouse. So my gaming fun is declained.

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