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User status: partial
User name: ZunZero97
User location: Chile
User gender: Male
User age: 18
User interest: RTS, Sandbox and FPS games
User survey : checking daily for news, experiences, helping new users.
Precise, but with little initiative player,
ardent collector of every RTS since 2003 (My first computer, mouse, keyboard)
Most favorite mod:Rise Of The Reds 1.86 (C&C Generals Zero Hour)
Most awaited mod:Rise Of The Reds 2.0 (C&C Generals Zero Hour)
Tiberium Essence 2.0 (C&C 3)
Mod played last: Rise Of The Reds (1.85)
Mental Omega 3.0 (C&C Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge)
Tiberium Essence 1.6 (CNC3)
Renegade X

Game played last: Battlefield 3
Command And Conquer Generals Zero Hour
Most awaited game: Act of Agression; Stacraft 2 LoV; Command and Conquer Generals 2

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Hello ZunZero.
I have a question.

I'm makeing a unofficial Mod of "The End of Days" and want to import Your Russia Missile Silo. Can I do this?
"My" Mod is private only, no release, only for me.

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well now its saying can not read C file/documents/ron/ comand and conquere zero hour/option ini file make sure the file exists and have proper permission

any ideas?

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ZunZero97 Creator

create notepad in that directory and name it "options.ini" and paste this code

AntiAliasing = 1
BuildingOcclusion = yes
CampaignDifficulty = 2
DrawScrollAnchor =
DynamicLOD = no ExtraAnimati
FirewallBehavior = 27
FirewallNeedToRefresh = FALSE FirewallPortAllocati
GameSpyIPAddress =
Gamma = 50
HeatEffects = yes
IPAddress =
IdealStaticGameLOD = Low
LanguageFilter = true
MaxParticleCount = 5000
MoveScrollAnchor =
MusicVolume = 51
Resolution = 1024 768
Retaliation = no
SFX3DVolume = 77
SFXVolume = 69
ScrollFactor = 50
SendDelay = no
ShowSoftWaterEdge = yes
ShowTrees = yes
StaticGameLOD = Custom
TextureReduction = 0
UseAlternateMouse = no
UseCloudMap = yes
UseDoubleClickAttackMove = no
UseLightMap = yes
UseShadowDecals = yes
UseShadowVolumes = yes
VoiceVolume = 70

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Act of Agression was a publicity campaign at best,we all know about generals 2..
i wonder if ashes of the singularity or homeworld: shipbreakers be the bigger blunder.

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ZunZero97 Creator

Act of agression is publicity, i was wondering that was a videogame.

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yes,and yes

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*edit* (at best) yes, and yes

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I was wondering if I could help.lately I am unable to play online. The game won't upload. I did notice that the IP address for me was110.05.... and my friends began with 192.... not sure 8f that is the reason. If it is how do u fix that both have 110.... any idea about direct connect ?

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ZunZero97 Creator

No need to change the IP, because some players have their dynamic static IP and others have, and what you mention is not a problem, for example game with different IPs, and I'm traveling and have different IPs. Sometimes SWR.NET in notebook Zone game on my phone 3G Android.

Try pinging placing dots (.) Each time you start playing with a human player (Game Starts in 5,4,3,2,1 Seconds), so the game will detect and will not stick.

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Nice game last night !
I am sorry if I was boring... I have spent ten years against the AI and taking my time, and they say bad habits don't die easily...
Shame you had to go since there was no mismatches yet, surprisingly !

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ZunZero97 Creator

ok no problem, thanks for your comment and playing against me.
And practice vs brutal army, i like difficult situations.

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