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The article is only useful for modders! SDK files are updated for CoC 1.4.

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CoC SDK scene update for 1.4:

This download is not needed for players to play CoC, it's only useful for modders!

The pack contains updated level editor scenes and updated objects for CoC 1.4.
It's a cumulative SDK update, contains all former SDK updates.

These level editor scene changes are in CoC's all.spawn already, from 1.4.00+ patch.

How to get CoC SDK files:

1. install COP SDK: COP SDK

2. grab the unofficial COP SDK patch: COP SDK unofficial patch

3. download the base CoC SDK files (CoC_SDK_editors.7z), unzip with 7zip (if you unzip, you'll need +36 GB free place), and overwrite everything in your SDK\editors folder:

- CoC SDK base files (torrent)

- mirror 1: CoC SDK base files (10 GB) mirror 1

- mirror 2: CoC SDK base files (10 GB) mirror 2

4. download this - 1.4 SDK - update (CoC_SDK_update_2_for_1.4.7z), unzip and overwrite everything in your SDK\editors folder. The CoC level editor scenes are in the SDK\editors\rawdata\levels folder

- mirror 1: CoC SDK scene update for 1.4

5. run editors\3_xrAI_allspawn.bat to make a new all.spawn for CoC, which will be identical with the 1.4 all.spawn

Known issues with COP/CoC SDK:

  1. for some reason, Dead City and Generators scenes (l09_deadcity.level, l13_generators.level) are always missing some trees from the default sector, when you open these scenes in level editor, which makes the scene invalid. To fix this, select the default sector and press "Capture volume". You must do this every time you want to export something from these scenes. I don't know the reason, but it affects nothing.
  2. the level editor often throws "name[Sector_DEFAULT] already exist in section", "nodefault reached" or "bbox" related fatal error messages, just ignore these and press "Continue".

question, someone knows how to convent skl to skls and skls to omf?

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This is the converter.exe help windows (not the last version available on

Example of cmd to export all the stuff from a .ogf:
@start /wait converter.exe -ogf -object wpn_pkm_trenoga.ogf -out wpn_pkm_trenoga.object
@start /wait converter.exe -ogf -bones wpn_pkm_trenoga.ogf -out wpn_pkm_trenoga.bones
@start /wait converter.exe -ogf -skls wpn_pkm_trenoga.ogf -out wpn_pkm_trenoga.skls

Omf are created by the Actor Editor only (load your object and animations, save animations list as .omf).
For that I understand, a .skl is the same as .skls, except .skls contain multiple animation.

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