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You'll read a lot, seriously. The development of this mod has ceased a bit because of school, but that doesn't mean that all "the pain will go in vain", as people say it.

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Well, 6 days since the last news, that's, i don't know.

I have been talking poop about alpha4 all this time, but because of the amounts of content added over time (new HUD finally, new client.dll, 50+ lines of code, c1e2p2 the third SP map (in progress), several new sounds, etc.), i have decidet to actually call it alpha6/0.0.6! So, let's see what have i accomplished:

-Client.dll: Ooh, it seems that i managed to clean the errors, and we have new DoD-style bobbing, because when a weapon bobs on the sides, it looks more realistic, and a bit like DOOM bobbing.

-New sounds: Glass breaking, the gun shot sound (pl_gun3.wav), but just a few...

-c1e2p2: (SPOILER ALERT) Well, you are still in the forest, and it's not that blocky now.

-coop_mission1 (once known as acdm_roomwar): Man! We have exploding computers, an elevator, cool doors with green glass, a jolly good breakable window, and a few action-movie NPC sequences (enemy soldiers coming down the elevator, and then they break the planks, and they start shooting at the players, and then, they run forward, and of course, get "broken", you know what i mean by that).

-AVI's: Well, everybody knows that some mods have opening sequences (movies) when you launch them, so expect one.

And, sprites: Well, not much, really, but i have made 2 sprites and customized around 4 of them. One is an explosion, completely drawn and then turned into an .spr file, and the other one is made with a quite time-consuming way: Taking a green screen explosion video, converting it to an .avi (256x256 pixels), and then using a software that takes frames (i think you know what i mean) and then i turned the .bmp's into an .spr.

Well, more content is being added over time, wouldn't be an alpha phase of development without it.

I almost forgot, "First day in the new universe" levels are going to replace the training room, so take a look at it when the alpha6 comes out. Yeah, it takes time in 2016, when [LP]Admer45 teleports to Gameria, the universe made for gamers, and how he learns about the universe. Yeah, but there will also be the "Training Room (Open 24/7)" Yes that's what's written on the sign.

Also, there will be a sort of cutscenes which will not be movies, they will be camera-triggered.

So that's the most of it.

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