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I'm back with a new update since Christmas 2017 and my C&C series modding career is nearing the end.

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It's been about a decade since Bibber released the C&C Asset Extractor tool and me getting the KW Mod SDK that changed C&C3 modding forever. From C&C3 Reloaded to this C&C3 Tacitus Revolution, this mod has reached many feats than most C&C mods. With the 13th faction as GDI Russia nearly complete as well as all other factions finalized with their units and structures, hopefully the 14th faction as The Forgotten will become the final but most difficult of all factions. The end of modding this mod is near. As I said before, I may not have the proper time to do mission maps as well as skirmish maps, unless if someone pulls a "Cities Skylines" gargantuan effort there with all the proper civilian assets, then detailed maps will be the real thing of the future in C&C3. Some mappers recently have done many mission maps specifically for Carnius' Tiberium Essence mod.

I don't know what brought me back into modding this long-time mod. I may have removed my Twitter feed here but I am still there. Cities Skylines and Synthwave music pretty much changed everything how I look into C&C, the future of RTS gaming and open-world games. Thanks to a new custom PC I had built, I was able to come back and start over from v0.52. This is probably the biggest release since v0.5, four versions were done in the midst of a few weeks. Most bugs have been fixed except for the more common issues. It took me an average of 7-10 minutes compiling a huge mod instead of 20-30 minutes thanks to a faster SSD and a Intel Core i3-9100f.

Patch v0.58 download link:
C&C3; Tacitus Revolution 0.58 Beta

Main v0.56 download link:

C&C3; Tacitus Revolution 0.56 Beta

The alternative download link:


Notes when playing this mod:
1) If you are still getting an “out-of-memory” message error regardless if you used the 4GB RAM tool or not, you have to set your texture quality setting to medium and the anti-aliasing off to reduce RAM usage. Also patch cnc3game.dat (not CNC3.exe) to use 4 GB, only if you have 4+ GB of RAM. To get the 4GB tool, grab it here: https//
2) If you are getting the UI screen ingame stretching out on other monitors/TVs not on 16:9 ratio, then I suggest you need to disable the TacitusAptUI_0.4.big line in the skudef file of the mod. If you are on a 16:9 ratio HD monitor, you need to run at HD compatible resolutions in order to see all of the UI ingame. There's nothing I could do to fix it, unless I reverse the command UI ingame back to its original state like in C&C3.
3) To run KW maps with KW textures, this ArtKW.big file comes with those KW textures. Just place it in "Core\1.0" folder of your C&C3 directory and re-edit and rewrite the config.ini with the line "add-big ArtKW.big" without the quotes.
4) For unlocking all Intel Database entries and changed hotkeys ingame, an RAR file was included. You put them in "your user name" profile in C&C3 where this path lies within: C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\profiles. Same goes with hotkeys.ini file if you want to run C&C3 using the modified key bindings.
5) For civilian assets, you can put WBData_1.1.big in "Core\1.0" folder of your C&C3 directory and re-edit and rewrite the config.ini with the line "add-big WBData_1.1.big" without the quotes. I wouldn't recommend running this mod with WBData_1.1.big in the skudef because C&C3 recognizes as another mod itself and not a combination of the two-in-one.
6) To run the mod with the Eurostyle UAW font shown correctly, you have to extract and install that Eurostyle UAW font that’s inside the TacitusA_0.56_Misc.big file (as an example).
7) To change the C&C3 TA launcher splash files, extract/replace them in the Launchers folder of your C&C3 directory.
8) Still as of now, only GDI/NOD/Scrin factions have skirmish AI. The Forgotten faction will become the fourth faction to have skirmish AI.

Anyone is welcome to finish on what I have started and it's better off with a new team doing this huge project that I could not handle on my own. I decided not to do a tutorial how to run mods on C&C3 and KW because I am losing interest in C&C lately. But since Bibber has retired from the C&C Community altogether, it'll be more difficult to get the C&C Ultimate Edition launcher fixes in order to run mods for C&C games that use them.

So here the changes of C&C3 TR Beta v0.56 (in four split versions from oldest to newest):

Beta version 0.53 changes
• Fixed an issue in Nod Mission 1 where a Fanatic Squad cannot destroy a GDI wall due to its high health, and not based on a new wall look. All GDI/NOD/Scrin walls are reverted to their new health values to 1600 instead.
• Fixed an issue where the Russia Tesla Tank cannot fire electric bolts in-game.
• Fixed an issue where the Steel Talons Behemoth walking animation isn’t moving properly (credits to Stygs for the fix).
• Fixed an issue where the Steel Talons Wolverine isn't supposed to have its own debris when destroyed in battle.
• Fixed an issue where the GDI Repair APC (aka MRT) isn't supposed to fire by default with a fake weapon even if there isn't an infantry inside.
• Fixed an issue where the NOD Repair Mine Layer isn't buildable for all NOD sub-factions.
• Fixed an issue where the NOD Enlightened isn't buildable after Tiberium Liquidation Facility is built.
• Fixed an issue where the Cybernetic Legs upgrade doesn't work for all NOD factions after Secret Shrine is built.
• Fixed an issue where the LEGION Tiberium Trooper squad doesn't show up on the battlefield after training finished.
• Fixed an issue where individual units such as LEGION Cyborg Commando or SRF Chemical Trooper isn't selectable & movable after training finished. (could still pose a problem with other individual units not in a squad)
• Fixed an issue where Shredder Turret and Laser Turret hub(s) aren't seen after applying the Quad Turrets upgrade.
• Russia Rhino Tank is no longer buildable for that faction despite not buildable.
• Russia Prison Truck is no longer buildable for that faction because it's redundant. A Phase Transport or a POW Truck already has an infantry slot for that.
• Zone Shatterer primary damage increases to 1200 (apart from the original Shatterer's damage of 1000). Zone Shatterer Overload Beam ability damage increases to 2000.
• Nod MLRS weapon range decreased to 500 from 600 and damage splash radius decreases to 20 from 25. MLRS SM weapon upgrade range decreased to 600 from 750, damage splash radius decreases to 100, weapon damage decreases to 1250 from 1500. Applies to the LEGION MLRS as well.
• CANCELLED: the GDI Combat Engineer will not have a delay capturing structures including neutrals because the delay uses a special weapon template and the unit itself already has a primary weapon which is a basic gun. Initially thought to be included in version 0.6, but it led to a bug issue causing the mod not to run.
• Common bug: an individual infantry unit (not a squad) that comes out of the Hand of Nod or Barracks may get stuck so as to be not movable, and only happens if there's a structure built in front of a Hand of Nod or Barracks entrance, affecting rally point extraction.

Beta version 0.54 changes
• Re-Added Russia new assets of the Helix and Sentry Gun.
• Fixed an issue where the Enlightened could not be built for all NOD sub-factions.
• Fixed an issue where the GAF Sniper Drone cannot be built.
• Fixed an issue where the portrait icons of Russia Phase Transport and Demo Truck don't show up correctly.
• Russia Phase Transport weapon clipsize reduces to 6 from 8. Weapon damage decreases to 300 from 350.
• Changed unit audio taunts of LEGION Cyborg Dinobot to the same unit taunts of the Mantis instead of the Avatar.
• NOD Air Support usage of power is reduced to 5 instead of 25. Applies to all NOD factions.
• Traveler-59 Nerve Center usage of power is reduced to 8 instead of 75.
• Russia faction EVA announcements are now integrated into the mod using the usual GDI EVA.
• Most of the Intel Database entries (except Russia and The Forgotten assets) and missing mod.str entries to GDI/NOD/Scrin sections are added & corrected.

Beta version 0.55 changes
• ZOCOM & Russia Turret now requires power. Russia Sentry Gun and Flame Tower also require power.
• Steel Talons Sniper Drone is now acted like a GDI unit.
• NOD Demo Truck now has a new and real bomb truck look. However it cannot attack and must be destroyed by others.
• Russia now has an Orca unit buildable from the Air Tower.
• Russia Helix now has a temporary unit taunt effect, just like the Heavy Tank. Due to four weapon bones for an OP unit that doesn't require reloading at the airfield, the clipsize of the weapons are reduced by half which makes it 8 attacks in one turn instead of 16. Weapon damage reduced to 300 from 425.
• New neutral objects added: Advanced Power Plant and Jeep.
• Added a new GDI unit buildable for all GDI factions: Zone Lancer, a Tier-4 unit. Currently it can only attack with stronger railguns but railgun tracer is missing.
• Added new Russia vehicles: Half Track, Hammer Tank (aka Tank Destroyer, to replace Rhino Tank), Orca (hey Russia is part GDI), Hind (a substitute for Twinblade when upgraded) and Kirov Airship.
• Added new Russia infantry: Conscript Squad (to replace Riflemen Squad), Flak Trooper Squad (to replace Missile Squad but shoots rockets instead of flak because the original flak weapon doesn't work), FlameThrower Squad (to replace Black Hand Squad), Terrorist Squad (to replace Fanatics but has a shader issue), Tesla Trooper Squad (can only fire on auto aggressive mode instead of manual only when near enemies, original tesla weapon doesn't work), and Boris (to replace Commando).
• Updated existing Russia structures with better looks: Flame Tower, Psychic Sensor
• Added new Russia structures: Iron Curtain (has four support powers), Nuclear Reactor (to replace Power Grid)
• As of now, the Russia Helix, Heavy Tank and Tesla Coil still don't have portrait icons present but using placeholders instead.
• The following assets are cancelled for this mod despite those were released as source codes by Madin earlier:
-- Initially a Flak Cannon was added as a placeholder but because the SAM-Site existed and worked, that air defense is not needed, and the original weapon doesn't work in the first place. If the weapon worked, I would have used that for the Flak Trooper.
-- Initially a Mig was added as a placeholder but the Hind and Helix were better units, and since Orca was used with missiles, a Mig isn't needed. Currently a Mig is used only with Boris' unit ability.
-- Spy Plane as a support power is not needed due to smaller maps. The Radar Scan support power and a Spy Satellite structure can expose the entire map quicker.
-- RA2 Tech Airport as a neutral structure. This is not needed because there's already support powers for infantry and vehicles with transport.
-- Soviet Yak. This unit is unnecessary because it's a unit from the past. Faster jets and helicopters are better.

Beta version 0.56 changes
• Added Scrin Archon, a tier-4 infantry unit available for all Scrin factions, temporarily using Shock Trooper Plasma Disks upgraded weapon, and also a Scrin Shrike which is a suicide unit, however its attack doesn't work at this time. (credits to Stygs for the units)
• Steel Talons Gauss Titan has been replaced from the one from C&C4 and still retains the weapon from the old Gauss Titan.
• GDI Zone Lancer can now fire with strong gauss rifles instead (used a weapon from the old Gauss Titan). However, the tracer of firing the weapon is still missing.
• The original civilian assets from Kane's Wrath have been re-integrated into the mod, rather than the worldbuilder version.
• Most sub-factions' remaining issues have been fixed including a work-around edit of the mod.str defines and sound effects.
• More experience veterancy levels are added to all other new structures and units.
• The following additional assets are cancelled for this mod:
-- All Crawlers including offensive/defensive/support. Very difficult to pack as mobile war factories and then unpack, unless someone has done all of those three in C&C3 and released the toughest source code in that way.
-- The Orca Harbinger was attempted to be put into the mod but some special codes from RA3 prevent it to work in C&C3. Someone may have done it but in a different way.
-- The Shogun Executioner to have its ultimate shockwave ability.... I believe someone has done it in C&C3 but I don't know who did it and it's a tough ability to work on.
-- Giga Fortress was considered but like the Harbinger, the special codes from RA3 prevent it work in C&C3.
-- Yuriko Omega was considered but even a psyonic or mind attack doesn't work in that old engine.

Beta version 0.57 changes (patch)
• Fixed an issue where the Steel Talons Behemoth doesn't show it's full model after it's built on the battlefield.
• Fixed an issue where the Steel Talons Orca Minigunner cannot activate the Pulse Scan ability.
• Fixed an issue where the LEGION Crane cannot be built in-game.
• Corruptor can now heal Shield98 units as well as some new Scrin units. Applies to all Scrin factions.
• Russia Tesla Coil, Heavy Tank, Hind and Helix now have their own portrait icons.
• Any new ground unit that isn't capturable by Engineers before will be captured by Engineers. Units with no driver (ie. Sniper Drone, Mantis, Mechapede) and epic units are excluded.
• Any new unit that doesn't move/attack automatically with aggressive AI itself has been modified to have AI by original default just like every other C&C3 unit. Some units such as the Mastodon and Cyborg Reaper have yet to work which requires manual attack.

Beta version 0.58 changes (patch)
• Fixed an issue where the Russia MCV cannot deploy into a Construction Yard and Surveyor cannot deploy into an outpost. In addition, they can use the Call For Transport ability in case you want to build a base on another island or section of a hill or mountain you cannot reach.
• GDI Russia faction now has all units with a build limitation on the battlefield, most at 50 and some at 30.
• GDI Russia faction now has all units with logic command set defines which previously has all units not having command functions.
• NOD Kane, SRF Chemical Warrior, Russia Boris, Russia Tesla Trooper and all LEGION Cyborg units are now immune by the Cloaking Field effect.
• GDI Zone Lancer, NOD Enlightened and Scrin Archon are now immune to the Cloaking Field effect as well as the Tiberium Hive weapon effect if they are on Tiberium.
• Scrin StormRider Plasma Autocannon weapon now affects new SRF, NAF and Shield98 units.
• The effects of the Scrin Storm Column Lightning Weapon as well as the Ion Storm weapon now applies to Shield98 aircraft.
• The Red Wind support power effect from the Iron Curtain now applies to all hero units including Prodigy, Kane and Boris. Somehow I don't know how Madin managed to make that a cloaking field effect similar to how the NOD faction did it, but it didn't even work on some infantry.


thank you for pointing at mod that should be tried out

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Glad to see this mod back in action again, any future fixes for the Mastadon and Cyborg Reaper to fire in aggressive mode?

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PurpleGaga27 Author

Not sure about that. I may have to look into it's AI stances.

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I want to report a critical bug for 0.57 version that GDI Russia‘s MCV and surveyor do not have a unpack option,which means that GDI russia can not expand the base far.Also,I suggest that a limit of unit production should be set like the other factions for GDI RUSSIA'S air base.

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Report a new bug that the NAF's scopin tank has a upgrade "said upgrade in the tech center" that can not be found in the tech center.

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