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Looking to restart minor development on C&C 3: The Forgotten

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Hi Everyone,

Recently I've been looking back at some of my work, including this mod. In particular, I'm looking back to some of the tweaks that I originally never got around to doing. With some newly freed time on my hands and some new knowledge and skills gained from working on the Tiberium Secrets mod, I'm looking to revisit C&C 3: The Forgotten and reopen development.

So what exactly am I planning to do? I'm not exactly sure yet. While there have always been a few things that I wanted to do, at this point I'm gauging interest from anyone else to see if there is still a community and, if so, what it would want. Maybe I would implement balance changes to the original factions, or port The Forgotten over to KW. Or maybe I'm just shouting into the void. I'm not sure

semsteve - - 60 comments

Well, actually soma balance tweaking can be made. forgotten units seem to underperform vs the vanilla factions.

also AA in lacking and base defence and power plants altogether put the economy of this faction always in jeopardy

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OrangeNero - - 6,593 comments

No worries your mod will never be forgotten.

I enjoyed playing the mod when it came out. I considered it finished so I didn't stick around or replayed it.

Its up to you if you want to work on it again. I am sure there are many people that are interested in it but overall people are a bit silent.

Don't force yourself, do it if you feel like it. Personally I'd like some additions to the vanilla factions. Wasn't a huge fan of the retro mad max style of the forgotten units but that was a completely subjective thing. They were cool and looked great.

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Oaks - - 2,242 comments

You do mean TFM, right?
I am very very glad to hear that.
It can still be updated, changed, even without Blbpaws and others?
Well, apart from that what semsteve says, for example and for starters:
Silo can be cheaper from 600/6 credits/build time to 500(100 in KW)/5.
Infantry should heal in tiberium or atleast heal/replenish squad members in Hovel/Training Grounds.
Jeep has AA for some reason.
I consider Bulldozer useless, mutants lack something as flame tank.
No infantry which can clear garrison.
Marauders has same drawbacks as Scrin Shock Troopers.
War Camper is a **** APC, I am somewhat taken aback they have detection.
Logistic Blimp is a wee bit of a joke. We want Mutant Kirovs xD
Power Stations are cheap, fast to build, but weak, tied to defenses and has script problem with energy jumping here and there everytime the defense is placed on them. (Advanced Fortifications upgrade offsets that a little bit, but not enough and its too costly)
Fiend Herd SP is weird.
Eveything mutant is slow to react - Mortar Tower, with a lot or almost too much of weaknesses and disadvanteges.
I hope that Salvador Trogan survived :D

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,129 comments

Whatever you do I will follow with great anticipation

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Ahrimansiah - - 3,226 comments

join carnius and help him to make his forgotten faction better :P

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Meyerm - - 1,186 comments

A Kane's Wrath port would be nice. Already got some themes for sub-factions. Perhaps one that's sort of the recruitment/insurgent arm that focuses on infantry and guerrilla warfare. A tech arm that's vehicle-heavy and focuses on powerful and innovative Mad Max-style technology. Or maybe a faction representing the most heavily mutated that use a variety of tamed tiberium lifeforms.

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Tleno - - 1,073 comments

Wouldn't that be a major rework requiring quite some brand new content?

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Tleno - - 1,073 comments

I had some crashing issues trying to activate superweapons or some other ability, would you know what could be causing this? Also, I would recommend tweaking campaign as the volumes of units AI throes at you isn't that fun to deal with all the time. Also unsure about unit balance, they seem a bit underperforming even when used in greater amounts as permitted by price.

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Valherran - - 2,450 comments

Oaks nailed the majority of the problems. But yeah my main concern with this MOD is the series of crashes and script errors seen in both skirmish and in campaign to this day.

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ErastusMercy - - 777 comments

Well this is a blast from the past.

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sgtmyers88 - - 2,832 comments

Dude go for it! Being the creator of TD Redux Mod and how it sat dormant for a few years, (granted to many people, it gave a finished impression) it was never truly finished in my eyes. Thats why I revived it back in 2015 and finally got the campaigns properly finished among other changes last year. I am still in the process of making a few refinements and releases. Loved your mod and loved the extra effort you and the other guys put in with doing the campaign and such.

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Capt_Polak - - 198 comments

Along with Tiberium Secrets, Forgotten mod is being worked on? A late birthday surprise but I love it :D

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CommieDog Author
CommieDog - - 110 comments

Wow, this is quite a bit more of a response than I thought there would be! I'm glad to see that the Forgotten have not been forgotten.

I'll have to start work on a list of potential changes.

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Indawheels - - 5 comments

It's great to have you here again. I have noticed that AI doesn't use messenger correctly, because it gets it inside the tiberium field, and it doesn't deploy it. I don't know if I am the only one who has saw that. It would be grat if you fix it.

Maybe is too much but if you port the mod to KW it would be great if you could port it as a new faction in One Vision. That would be freakin' awesome. Nice to have you back developing this great mod!

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MaD_Animal_Show - - 4 comments

oh yeah i would love a update :)

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GeneralJist - - 474 comments

This is an update by the lead coder. (With approval from Blbpaws)
From my understanding, new art assets are not something he can accommodate.

Focus around balance and coding changes.

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TryToKevin - - 118 comments

Honestly, add Launguage packs. Well i know some people who might be interested in voicing a german translation.

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Guest - - 698,456 comments

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Guest - - 698,456 comments

I think the community for this mod will be ecstatic if you manage to port it over to KW, I know I would. I am not too experienced in C&C to suggest any balance changes, but perhaps separating the Power Stations from defense and just adding a modular block to add those defenses to. I don't know, but if you are motivated to work on this mod again, I am excited as someone who originally installed this in 2010 when I was super young.

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kkmanman - - 94 comments

No worries! I must be younger than u. :D

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CrimsonTip - - 201 comments

Yeah, this mod needs some rework, I didn't like the APC War Camper, The Slicer seems to launch the equivalent of anti-air disk grenades, I was honestly expecting a crazy home-made weapon like saw blades or Tiberium-hybridzed flak shells or something like that for the Slicer. I do hope Trogan survived as Oaks put it. Logistics blimps meant nothing. Also Whenever I upgrade the Tick Tanks, their blue-Tiberium shells do absolutely no improved damage whatsoever and their lightning defense armor upgrade just doesn't work at all. Carnius has gotten his mutant army mostly complete on Tib-Essence, so if you continued this mod, I'd be happy, I was just itching for revenge against Boyle. maybe if you started a patreon, I'd donate so we could get more live actors, but hey, even battle cut-scenes would be awesome, like a longhorn tank crushing a scorpion tank like a brute when you win a victory against Nod. I did lament some of the plot, I wanted to see if Tratos would be mentioned, if they had secret records of Kane's possible origins (he seems so angry at something in his past like his race left him behind on earth or the whole mars throw-away plot in the discarded initial plot for tiberium sun that implied via the Fate-Squad killing the conspiracy theorist saying Adam and Eve were aliens that Kane was a higher life form that evolved from a race that is extinct now on mars...) and the reason the Scrin are so afraid of him or why they say "This being already exists in the Database." or "Overlord Requires more information on Kane!" I honestly felt that after I played Tiberium Twilight, (GOD THAT GAME SUCKED) that after Kane left Earth, his origins should come to light from knowledge that Tratos hoarded from the tacitus, I mean he literally had possession over it for so long... Sorry. I'm just rambling. I'm looking forward to Tiberium Secrets, but hey this mod needs some love too.

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Now - - 34 comments

Never forgotten.

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Guest - - 698,456 comments

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