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Summary of this week’s devblog Video DevLog New Morgondag Platform New store Bunny Meme generator Design changes in Lunar Soil.

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We got our own store now! 😀

New Morgondag platform and store is released! Check it out!

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • Video DevLog
  • New Morgondag Platform
  • New store
  • Bunny Meme generator
  • Design changes in Lunar Soil

Video DevLog

We drivel about the new store and show off the bunny meme generator, which will be available for all registering an account on the new platform. We would love if you let us know what you think about our Video DevLogs. All feedback is appreciated. Also let us know if there something you want us to talk more about. Got any thoughts or ideas? Let us know! =)

New Morgondag Platform

We’ve now released the new platform:

The new Morgondag platform got a forum, a store and also contains more details about the studio. Come and create and account and write something in our Forum. Right now you receive a brand new Bunny meme generator when creating an account and you also receive Spacebase 19 for free! In Spacebase 19 you’ll be able to get revenge on all those mean RymdResa stones. Having this kind of platform has been a dream of ours for a while and we would be super happy if you joined!

We sneaked released the new platform earlier this week for our Discord community, so come and join our Discord if you want super fresh news, direct contact with us, talk games or just want to say hello. We’re now 54 people hanging out there talking about everything 🙂

Bunny meme generator

We’ve created a tiny bunny meme generator, available for all creating an account on our Morgondag platform. It contains super cute bunnies! Wohow! The plan is to release more free content and free games in the future, available for all with a Morgondag account.

New store

As you know,we develop and publish our own games. Buying our games directly from us is the best way to support us as no middleman is involved (which means that we earn more money for each copy sold). When buying a game directly in our own Store you will receive both a Steam key and a DRM free copy for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can of course also find RymdResa and imprint-X on Steam and Humble Store if you prefer buying games there.

Design changes in Lunar Soil

You might wonder why you haven’t heard about Lunar Soil for a while. One could say that we actually have had a small gamedev crisis. We noticed that we had two games in one which became a hassle both to play and to work with. And we kinda hit a wall. Something had to be done. So we’ve re-designed Lunar Soil quite much. The re-planning of Lunar Soil has been done by many hours of discussing. It has taken many late nights and car drives to rethink the Lunar Soil concept. We had to rethink what game we want Lunar Soil to be. We had to ask ourselves what kind of games we really want to make and what we’re good at. And something really great came out from it!

We’re super happy with the new Lunar Soil, which focuses very much on exploration, atmosphere and narrative. It’s fun to work on and its super fun to play. The new setup will mostly stay true to the previous screenshots but we’ll remove the management and building parts. It’s shaping up to be a nice space adventure!

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