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In which an exterior gains doors and foliage; a rockfall blocks an entrance; a shader-set is slightly enhanced; a second entrance is likely completed; the tomb into which said entrance leads is begun; a crevice connects two tombs; some interior geometry is worked on; a pathfinding system is improved; a bug is found in level one and fixed; and publisher-pitching progresses.

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Greetings and salutations!

This week's screenshot shows a doorway into one of level eight's tombs, dark until entered:

Screenshot from 2021 04 10 13 22

The week just past was primarily one of level-building, although a few other things did get done:

Starting with the exterior of level eight, in the week just past I added scattered vegetation to the gorge, both pushing up through the pebbles of the ground and clinging to the sheer stone of the cliffs.

Screenshot from 2021 04 08 14 51

Screenshot from 2021 04 08 14 52

I also added further doors, distant and inaccessible, to the cliff walls.

But perhaps more interestingly, I worked on the two functional doorways that provide access to the interior of the level.

The first doorway leads into the tomb that holds the level's goal--but is blocked: a rockfall, modelled in the week just past, prevents passage and forces the player to look for another way in.

(And as part of building said rockfall I made some minor changes to my sunlight "decal"-shaders; the changes are a bit hacky--in order to prevent conflict with extant use of the shaders, as I recall--but work, I believe.)

Screenshot from 2021 04 10 13 22 1

The aforementioned other way in is provided by the next tomb in line. In the week just past, then, this tomb's doorway was finalised--as shown in the main screenshot above. Between geometry, light-level vertex-colouring, and adjustments to the player-light trigger, it should be pretty much done now, I believe!

Furthermore, a certain trigger that was added in a previous week was moved to align properly with this doorway.

As noted above, this doorway provides access to a second tomb of level eight--and in the week just past, I began the process of building this tomb.

Screenshot from 2021 04 10 13 21

As it stands, a fair chunk of the new tomb is done--enabled in part by using the first tomb as a base, I believe. As with that first tomb, there's more work that I intend to yet do, but the place looks already more or less the part, I think!

Now, the second tomb is a separate place from the first: each is its own construction, and not part of a single complex. How, then, does access to the second tomb help with the goal of entering the first?

Simply put, a gap has opened up in the stone between them--a cleft, perhaps a shifting of the stone, possibly connected to the previously-mentioned rockfall. However it formed, it provides a rough passageway between the two places.

This passage, then, is partway done: traversable, but unfinished.

Screenshot from 2021 04 10 13 20

Screenshot from 2021 04 10 13 20 1

Further, the "ribs" found on the ceilings of these tombs were touched up in the week just past. This included some UV-adjustments, and the breaking of a few near the rockfall and crevice, and scattering parts of them about the floor.

On the logic-side, I believe that I mentioned last week that my new pathfinding implementation had some bugs. These were addressed in the week just past; the solutions found perhaps have their issues, but they seem to work for now!

Likewise, I fixed some animation issues with the characters for whom said pathfinding was initially built.

And in doing so, I discovered that the second mummy in level one was not animating when they walked from their sarcophagus! This seems in short to have been another animation issue; with the animation itself fixed and a particular scalar in the relevant code adjusted, this seems to be working properly now!

And finally, I believe that I mentioned last week that I was gearing up for another wave of publisher-pitching. Well, in the week just past I completed my research for this wave, and began enacting it, sending out a new set of pitches. There are a few yet to be done, but the majority have been sent, I do think!

That, then, is all for this week--stay well, and thank you for reading! ^_^

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