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Celebrating the release of the Nuclear Update with the whole new Trailer!

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Hello everyone,

a big day for our small studio today. We’re excited to deliver you the biggest update to date – Nuclear Update v0.8! This update marks a much higher quality standard for our game and sets up to be able to focus more on content updates going forward.

We’re celebrating the release with a whole new Trailer, feel free to check it out to see the changes:

What’s new with Nuclear Update (a short sum-up):
- Completely revamped UI and graphics of the game, for a more modern and cohesive look: Menu, UI, Research, Combat, World, and Popups all now have a completely fresh look!
- New Ambiental music added
- New Ambiental music added, created by Jan Aleš Mlinar (Nomon Atur, LINK)
- New UI vastly improved player feedback of what is changing/not working etc. that makes it much easier for the user to react
- Added Clear All options to build and produce queues
- Vastly improved player onboarding and guiding
- Added a Game Guide (a small wiki)
- Added ability to name your saves by double-clicking on them
- Added x100 buy/Assign options directly to the QoL settings popup

- New settings for disabling sound groups, battle popups, disabling save plan warning popup, displaying real-time instead of game-time
- New Hotkeys for switching between views quickly added to settings
- Added reset all settings & hotkeys options
- Improved notification system to be far less obtrusive, and also any notifications with a “+” next to them, will show you actual useful information now
- Resource group collapsing works in a more natural/useful way now
- Improved performance and fixed several memory leaks
- Improved scaling of UI for smaller screen
- Improved starting story scene

Feel free to read more details of the Update on Steam (announcement, patch notes ).

Updated Resource screen:

resource management game

World Map (Conquering, Military, Colonies,...)

conquer the world

Research Tree (100+ Unlocks)

research tree

As this Update included a complete graphical overhaul of the game, we decided to update the logo and covers as well – so here's the new cover of the game.

Nuclear Update Simpocalypse

In case you haven't heard of the game yet, feel free to read more about it or check out its previous designs, to see a big difference! 😊 Here's the link to our previous posts (LINK)

If you haven’t played the game yet, here’s more details about it:

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