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Time to return to the Middle-earth and change the face of the land.

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Time to return to the Middle-earth and change the face of the land! Are you ready?

Below a collection of various modifications, some enormous (The Elven Alliance, The Dwarf Holds), others medium-sized, and a couple of tiny ones (for example miniature yet useful Build Anywhere mod). Each one of them worth playing!

The 4th Age

Brings you another age in the Middle-Earth, but it also contains new heroes, units and factions. You'll be able to play as Gondor, Rohan, Harad or Rhûn, each with its own style of playing.

Men of Minas Anor Men of Minas Anor
Men of Minas Anor Men of Minas Anor

The Elven Alliance: Community Edition

The purpose of this mod is to complete The Elven Alliance by the community.

More Elrond's
More New/Modified Elven Mist power

The Elven Alliance

This mod will add an Elven Faction to your Battle for Middle-Earth game while also making various changes to the other factions. New heroes include Galadriel, Elrond, Haldir, Gamling, and Gothmog; Spearmen of the Havens, Mirkwood Scouts, and Riders of Rivendell are among the new units. A few changes will be made to the campaign for the initial release, with greater plans for later versions. While this mod will not add anything terribly revolutionary in terms of gameplay, it does offer some of the most high-quality skins you'll find in any Battle for Middle-Earth mod. The Elves will also offer new strategies for cavalry, stealth, and sieges.

The Call of The Hoard

Basically just a rebalance mod. The biggest noteworthy changes are: the CP limit being much higher, every unit size in the game being larger (more men, orcs, etc per "unit" created). Also every formation redone in to accomodate the larger unit sizes.

Larger troops Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot

The Dwarf Holds

Adds a Dwarven faction based on Erebor, while also tweaking and adding a couple of things to the four original factions to get them up to the level of the new faction.

The Dwarf Holds latest alpha screenshots. The Dwarf Holds latest alpha screenshots.
The Dwarf Holds latest alpha screenshots. The Dwarf Holds latest alpha screenshots.

B4ME1 Build Anywhere

Lets you build anywhere. It should bring a little life back into Battle for Middle-earth 1 fans who enjoy the simplicity of the gameplay but want a little more. The building functionality is done in a Command and Conquer style rather than a Warcraft style (i.e. click and place rather than a peasant going out to build). A new power of building foundations is found on the left side of the screen that you click and place anywhere that is valid (not on top of other buildings or in unexplored, unpathable terrain). Then you may rotate the plot so the building faces your desired direction and then you choose your building to build (still costs the same as the normal game).

Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot

Shadows of Evil

The precursor to Kings of the West mod, Shadows of Evil contains many of their author's previously released mini-mods combined into one large mod. The mod focuses on Mordor and Isengard with no changes to Gondor or Rohan.

WitchKing using a mace WitchKing Artwork
WitchKing This is my Hour Spell in-game 4 WitchKing Black Breath power

Kings of the West

Makes BfME feel more like the movies and books by adding in new units while keeping the fun and the "what if this happened?" feel.

New Leadership Glows New Leadership Glows
New Leadership Glows New Leadership Glows


This the mod for every LOTR fan that has BFME and wants to play the huge battles like in the films. Now you can with Massive. Not only is the command limit higher but heroes are edited and new maps for huge battles will also appear in the mod. Hordes are bigger, the witchking can unmount his fellbeast(!), buildtime has been decreased and so on.

gondor ingame2
ingame fight rohan

* * *

Mods install to following directory:
Your Documents folder\Battle for Middle-earth mods

Note that all above mods were tested and should work on English 1.03 patch only. You need to patch your game before installing any of these mods.

Bird_of_Prey - - 1,616 comments

Good stuff! I'll have to reinstall BfME1 sometime now.

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

So they add the extra factions, so that it's like the sequel.

Yet as I hear... this one is better, and higher quality.

Why did they make a sequel, again? Oh right, money.

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feillyne Author
feillyne - - 5,816 comments

Sequel has a Total War like War of the Ring mode and custom heroes. Two extremely innovative characteristics distinguishing it from the prequel (BFME1).

Not to mention "banal" features such as tons of new units, 6 completely unique factions (usually other RTS games have factions that share some units and buildings while in BFME2 you have completely different races) and reworked campaigns.

BFME1 has its own ambiance though, and it's a fine classic anyway.

Reply Good karma+5 votes
deadrawkstar - - 396 comments

Yes, but they still wanted money. EA has been corrupted by greed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
CommanderDG - - 1,389 comments

@Deaddrawstar: Oh yes very true.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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