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BannerPage 2.0 with all it's great features is near it's release date, this news article briefly lists and describes which features and changes can be expected.

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In addition to already existing very long list of features which you can check here, BP 2.0 brings:

XXL Features:

  • 20+ New Quests - Talk to the guild master, lords, ladies and village elders to receive these quests. Also, there is a quest given by each faction leader which is rewarded with a unique new weapon with skill bonuses. Talk to a king/queen when you reach level 10 to receive these quests. Be warned that these quests provide fairly stiff challenges.
  • Underground & Undercover Ops - feature which creates and extends bad guy role-playing options and adds new game mechanics. You can build hideouts and hidden bases. Employ shady characters and play as Ali Baba and the forty thieves or go further and organize your private underground operation.
  • The King and The Beggar - allows player to choose from wide variety of campaign start options, all the way from the major faction leader down to the barefooted and penniless beggar. That is coupled with new character creation process which allows players to assign all skills points exactly as desired.
  • Ludus Calradius - Swadian lords duel jousting, contemporary gladiators, roman gladiators, historical gladiators, betting and just watching fights, Zendar back in greater glory than before, all that and much more.

New Features/Changes Breakdown:


  • Decapitation - when large cutting damage is applied on someones neck
  • Recruiting Farmers and Peasant woman (if in role of Rebellion Leader)
  • Recruiting Bandits (through Hidden Base and underground staff menus)
  • 10 different meaningful starts of your campaign (from poor beggar to major faction ruler)
  • Jousting (duel on long barded horses, wearing shinny plate armors and feathered helmets)
  • Fist Fighting
  • Killing nobles - as one of the outcomes of sending them to trial
  • Killing regular troops or throwing them in chains
  • Killing regular prisoners or recruiting them as per your choice
  • Multiple ways of selling / renting out prisoners
  • Prostitution - Added prostitutes to Rhodok and Swadian taverns
  • Begging in Towns - start from the very bottom is possible
  • Working in Villages
  • Betting on fights in which you only watch from stands
  • Shield Bash now depends on shield skill and shield weight, to shield bash you need at least shield 1 and you can lift 2.5kg shield at shield skill lvl 10 you can shield bash with 7 kg shield (wb v1.161 required for shield bash to work)


  • Mouse death cam - Numpad death cam was replaced with mouse+arrow keys death cam
  • New Character Creation Screen
  • Expanded location UI notes (villages, towns)
  • State Security Report - shows all sieges, villages raids etc. at glance
  • Updated Auto-sell /Auto-buy / Auto-loot menus - all item categories represented
  • Added a lot of additional item text to explain items specifics or added functionalities
  • Mission templates updated so you can now whistle for horse, deploy pavise etc. in almost all scenes
  • Added transparency to some trees on the Campaign Map


  • Horse Merchant can make your horse timid (via dialogue option)
  • Armorer and Weaponsmith now only repair items up to their plain (new) status
  • Tavern recruiters can now only recruit bottom tier faction troops
  • Tavern recruiters can now recruit bottom tier mercenaries as well (eastern merc excluded)
  • Tavern merchants now have more variety and more random inventories and retain high quality
  • Tavern skill trainers now have variable service costs which now grows exponentially
  • Regular party members dialogue expanded
  • Regular party prisoners dialogue expanded
  • Via village menu, Chamberlain can be appointed anytime
  • Via village menu, Chamberlain can be reached anytime, like Elder
  • Cost of tavern skill training has been balanced and now grows exponentially
  • Lot of new npcs in Ludus Calradius (Lanista, Doctore, Gladiators)
  • 4 new npcs in Bandit gang leaders accessible via Hidden Base


  • Ale, Wine, Date-fruit are food and give morale bonuses now
  • Lumber is a new commodity
  • Crowns - get Crown with leadership bonus when becoming a faction leader
  • Quest Items give skill bonuses
  • Added Meek (+3 speed) to horse item modifiers
  • Shop factionalization finalized
  • Treasure chest items removed from shops and tavern merchants
  • Normalized item names changed (some items had temp names due to easier troop equipping)
  • Greek Fire and Naft arrows - explosive radius made much smaller small, but direct damage higher - effects changed accordingly
  • Greek Fire and Naft grenades just tweaked a bit (removed echoing explosion effects that were sometimes happening beneath player's feet)
  • Sling damage and accuracy buffed to feature great new sling anims
  • AkhalTeke Horses (model reworked, new saddle, shader) - there remained shiny but more realistic
  • Elephants received a lot of love, new models, anims, Asian and African
  • Staff slings added
  • All polearms revisited (anim sets tweaked further, damage balanced)
  • All ranged weapons revisited
  • Lot of balanced new added items (nearing 2000 in total)


  • Granary - new village improvement
  • Player Faction Elite troops are customizable now too
  • All Custom Troops except Recruit now have heraldic armor option too
  • Naffatun Archers - now fire considerably slower (taking lighting arrows into account)
  • Korchin lost Naft arrows and got Manchu bows instead
  • Naffatun Riders - now only equip 2x Naft Grenades and can't be directly recruited from tavern, but they have to progress and level up from Naffatun Archers
  • Khemr Mahout buffed, to feature new elephants they are now come equipped with Manuballistas
  • Revised all troops recruitment cost and their wages (on all levels, all kinds)
  • Number of elite volunteers (once unlocked) considerably lowered
  • All Castle/Towns Garrisons now get small amount of elite unit reinforcements too
  • Routiers nerfed a bit


  • Zandar is back as Ludus Calradius
  • 10+ new scenes
  • village moving watermills, in addition to moving windmills
  • mission templates updated so now you can now whistle for horse, deploy pavise etc in almost all scenes, including villages


  • perfected sling (not staff sling) set of animations
  • considerably improved one handed spear set of animations


  • Slightly reduced negative impact of party size to morale
  • Hero escape probability is now based on party Tracking skill, higher skill lower chance
  • Party Looting skill level has now direct impact on raid loot amount
  • Slightly increased lord defection probability (it was considered low in BP 1.3)
  • Inventory removed from sieges (due to exploit)
  • Player Faction noble titles switched to English
  • Because of the above Swadians got new medieval German inspired titles
  • Companion Lords don't wear helmets and gloves whilst visiting courts
  • Blood effects tweaked due to decapitation introduction
  • Balanced hunting rewards

Music and sound

  • New music - 12 new carefully selected and adapted tracks
  • Bandit culture - different bandits have different sets of battle music (with variations), meaning totally different tracks will now play when you face sea-riders compared to what will be played when lets say you face steppe bandits
  • Lady meetings have music background
  • Added ambient sounds in Hunting scenes
  • Added ambient sounds in Walk around scenes
  • Added new sounds, expanded some repeating palettes

Notable Native, Feature Kit's and BP bug-fixes:

  • Native fix - thrown weapon alt animation was never optimized in Native and hence unusable - now fixed and actually combat usable
  • Native fix - greatsword ani - in module system greatsword had wrongly assigned 1h lance thrust which has never triggered because of overlap, it was replaced with 1h horseback lance thrust which was missing
  • Native fix - deal_with_looters quest, max spawned parties 4, spawn radius halved, only given till player lvl 15
  • Wife as a companion (by Lathreal) - mod fix - when party got defeated and captured and wife was as companion riding with you she used to disappear and after that she went baloney - fixed, she will now run to your/default court
  • Fixed NaglFaar's Join any battle side - rarely caused weird bandit behavior, small bandit group attacking large player army - now fixed
  • BP fix -Some ladies sometimes appeared naked - fixed
  • BP fix - Closed all reported floor gaps in new Vaegir/Swadian city scenes
  • BP fix - Sieges - in two siege scenes AI was behaving like there is a siege tower (waiting unnecessary) being deployed while it wasn't - fixed
  • BP fix -There was PBOD & Diplomacy - battle continuation menu overlap - now fixed and troops always correctly follow battle continuation orders
  • BP fix - No more last batch recruitment for lower gold amount at tavern recruiters
  • lot of smaller fixes


  • Quantity plugin with instructions
  • Quality plugin with instructions
  • XL battle tools with instructions
  • Font alternatives with instructions
  • Mac and Linux support with instructions
  • Player Kingdom Titles switch with instructions

You can too help further mod development by making a small contribution,

please check the options below and note that provided links are 100% safe:



This is insane
I think everyone is hyped
Good job my friend

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GorillaGuerrilla Author

Acrually BannerPage is the only that has fixed thar.

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Yeah, right. I wanna play WB but cant before this out!

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Why you would include something as "raping prisoners" escapes me.

Like, literally: I cannot think of a single reason why you would implement such atrocity as a gameplay mechanic and choice for the player. I can somehow ... acknowledge that coerced prostitution, slavery and execution of prisoners are there cause "It's realistic" (which MB is definitely Not. At. All.) and it provides to either up morale, make money or get rid of unwanted mouths to feed (which is bad in itself, but of course - "muh immersion" - ). And yeah, of course killing is there cause that's the whole point of the battle simulation and central to gameplay, but rape? Why would a MB:Warband vanilla overhaul and extension mod need rape?

I mean, I am really curious (as to why, also about the gameplay implications) as much as I am startled (and not just a bit disgusted, honestly).

Reply Good karma Bad karma-10 votes

Maybe it could be a trade-off with high moral gain and heavy honour loss just like raiding gives you a lot of cash, but is detrimental to your honour?

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I already thought that this mechanic could imply something like that. But since we already have similar mechanics (food, the novel prostitution, leadership skill, quests, tournaments, raiding and raizing etc.), it would ultimately be outright redundant, wouldn't it?

I do not know, maybe it's a red herring and anyone who clicks on the option ingame, instantly ALT+F4's MB and automatically deinstalls it, while also formatting the hard drive on the next bootup. Or, well, just massive honor loss (although one could argue that in the age of MB rape is not necessarily considered a bad thing, if we go with the whole "realistic medieval funtime land"-idea and you are "taking what you are owed" as a ruler or such). But again, there are already similar mechanics, no gameplay value gained that I could fathom. And this is why I am so curious about the "Why" and "How" this would work in a game of MB.

Apart from obviously being triggered.

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GorillaGuerrilla Author

This is exactly how it was implemented men morale gain at expense of honour and other implications. It is definitely not perceived as ok or normal, on contrary it is punished and judged. As odd, repelling and disgusting it may sound in medieval times raping was often offered as prize reward to many invading army soldiers, regularly practiced by many armies that we glorify today.

Reply Good karma+12 votes

Thank you for the elaboration, I understand your reasoning and, well, in this it is solid. Much appreciated!

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Don’t play it if it bothers you? Simple solution to your problem.

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The culprit here is that I was REALLY looking forward to playing the new update, and I did NOT expect this from the author or the aim of the mod. Maybe it is just a point I am missing? I dearly hope so.

Of course, as the simple (and, well, obvious) solution you suggested, I will ditch this mod if this mechanic remains (which I am not trying to force any other way) because as someone who has been directly and indirectly affected by rape, it is just... Well, I don't want to fight panic attacks or develop stomach ulcers while playing the mod that literally brought me to MB. Not so much my kind of escapism. I will not any further elaborate on this, as this is the internet (and we all know that this could quickly turn into a complete shitshow), but it suffices to state that this is kind of a killjoy for me. A shame and a loss for me, but oh well, no use in crying over spilt milk. But thanks for trying to help or provide input or whatever you were doing here, anyways, I guess. It is not what I initially implied and was trying to question with my first comment though.

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Lmao just don't use the feature.

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Yeah, I see your point as I also contemplated on this. Sure, one can just ignore the mechanic and that's it. I can tell for sure that I cannot, as I would also not just "ignore it away" in any other game or mod. You know, once you go down the rabbit hole... I wish I could be so ignorant (as ignorance is surely bliss), but this is obviously not about me being in fear of accidentally clicking the "rape-button" or being visually confronted with such, but actually voluntarily playing a mod that offers rape (furthermore on a completely defenseless victim - the prisoner) as a gameplay option (with an assumed benefit even). Can't just turn my head on the topic and afterwards wash away the bad aftertaste, you understand?

So ultimately MIGHTYPEACH's solution is the proper straightforward solution - just don't play the mod at all. Still does not in any way get rid of the elephant in the room.

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GorillaGuerrilla Author

Burning villages doesn't bother you?

Killing unarmed peasants doesn't bother you?

What is the difference between raping and mass murder killing with cold weapon, decapitating and spilling blood everywhere

I am very sorry to hear that you personally had to experience anything bad, but please realize that following your logic and expectations people who have been through wars and lost their families and limbs should hold protests adainst gaming industry for making so many violent games and demand that authorities remove 90% of their titles off the shelves.

Double standards and hypocrisy are everywhere in today's world, lets try to avoid them whenever possible. Murder is ok and rape is not!? Come on, if victim would get to choose, choice of majority would be fairly simple.

Reply Good karma+13 votes


It does not bother me because that is what I expected from a ... well, army and battle simulator. It does bother me only to the extent that I would usually not go with such a playstyle as being the pillaging and massacering kind. But this, of course, is imminent within the gamerun itself that I would start. I know what I pay for, and in such a sandbox game I can decide what to do and not to do.

I just wanted to discuss the reasoning behind this decision, as I thought that such a delicate topic as rape (due to knowing that it affects people differently, me being the case I make here) needs proper discourse.

And yes, as far as I know there are people who protest the depiction of the conflicts that they suffered through in gaming history. I recall there being a game in the making about the battles of Fallujah and the years of the insurgency in the early 2000's there that was pulled from development because both veterans as well as civil rights groups from Iraq contested the story told and the way it showed the Allied intervention in that city. That is just one example. And lately the presentation of war in Call of Duty has come under scrutiny for trying again and again to show shadow wars and illegal raids of army elements, usually western SOF, as something cool and necessary for (western) democracy to work and provide stabiltiy and safety. This also included definitive criticism of the depiction of crimes against civilians, collateral damage and the need to whitewash this by showing locals as allies and the enemy as some foreign sinister force who is the only one committing warcrimes and the player and his allies doing even the most abhorrent things "out of necessity".

I am not so sure about your last sentence. I know for a fact in at least one case where the rape victim was several times mouthing over the course of years that she'd rather be dead than having survived this ordeal and now living with the consequences. She was serious.

This is not a double standard. I am not a pacifist, I do not say that violence is inherently wrong and that I do not enjoy going on over-the-top killing-sprees in games, as I grew up with GTA, Bulletstorm and such. But yes, rape is not murder - we need a double standard here as they are definitely not the same. Especially here, since I do not expect us to actually lead the crosshairs and move the character to achieve the maximum rapescore, as we do during physical altercations depicted in games. And there is the problem: I think if one would try to depict realistic rape in a game as games would try to depict realistic murder, it is a difference in quality. This does not even imply the consequences of these actions, such as impact on the individual, the family, changing whole communities at once. But I stand with my point that giving the option for rape in a game is definitely a different quality to committing manslaughter or murder which is a core game feature, especially if it is happening in such an abstract way.

But again, and people seem to somehow ignore this, I was just aiming for this kind of discourse and trying to understand your reasoning for including this. We had countless discourses over violence in games over the last decades in the dev and gamer communities, also to the point of public discourse (where I would completely stand with the side that says that acting out violence in games does not make one automatically more committed to violence in real life). I thought we'd need discourse here as well.

In the end, it is your mod, your design, your decision.

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Nobody will read this long cringefest.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes


Apart from the discussion above, I would actually suggest one thing regarding the "I'll pay you to **** your peers"-feature: Why not extend it to males?

For example, I am pretty sure Matheld would appreciate an ... arrangement with Nizar. A very discrete and totally honorable one, of course. As she tends to be a demanding, stubborn and sullen individual, some screwing around ought to (hopefully) put her in a better, more relenting mood and keep her mind off the situation at home for at least some time (also reducing the constant complaining about the fellowship). ;)

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GorillaGuerrilla Author

It doesn"t apply to companions only regulars. Media are always emphasizing gender equality, women rights etc. because in many places in the World even today women are not treated equally, can you imagine how they were treated in the peak of the men's era, one of the reasons why it is called dark ages.

Warband doesn"t have wizards.

Reply Good karma+12 votes


Okay, I must have misunderstood the feature list. I thought it exactly pertained to companions. And just to make this clear, this was not so much about gender equality, as it was more of broadening the feature. Literally because I thought instantly about Matheld when thinking about whom to "persuade" with sexual services. Gender equality does not really apply here regarding the lore of MB, as you correctly stated. What I meant was rather a "why not"-approach to this feature (I mean, if I was some companion in a group and my leader would offer me money to ... well raise the spirits of other female group members that I would not push off my bedside... win-win?). Nothing more, nothing less.

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GorillaGuerrilla Author

To conclude, I condemn any type of violence, but making a distinction between cold blooded murder and raping in favor of murder, just isn't right. This is game, violence is everywhere around you in movies, games, you name it. If we would apply your rules on all games and movies on today's market 90% would have to go off the shelves.

But after contemplating a bit on my side I realized that when those features just stand there in their briefest version without explanation of implications they cause, that it may sound strange, only because it's not mainstream (killing nobles is Ok?), so following that thought and my sincere intention to show you respect and calm you down, I decided to remove Raping from the features list (not from the mod though).

Playing tip for you: Try to win the game without even buying and equipping a single weapon.

Thank you for being sincere, sharing your story and all the best.

Reply Good karma+12 votes

Nearly all games involve all types of violence. That’s just the way it is. It’s a medieval simulator of sorts. I totally agree rape and all types of violence are wrong however, it’s a ‘game’. If life experiences have caused you to be effected by these types of games then it’s sad but you shouldn’t play them. Also if the Author has decided to implement a feature in his mod you should respect that and except it as it’s free!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

I think I made it clear several times that I do respect his design decisions and did not in any way want to convince GorillaGuerilla or the public otherwise, despite disagreeing with implementation of such a feature. Only that I felt the need to discuss this, as it is a very delicate topic that needs discourse (imo). I even agreed with you that ultimately I need to let this go and just play something else, as I have literally no other say in this than writing down my two cents.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes
GorillaGuerrilla Author

No Schuchart, you've come all this way and been part of the journey, with your constructive criticism and suggestions, I want you to play it and enjoy it, so I will today add an option which will allow you to enable/disable it as you please.

Reply Good karma+14 votes

Thank you, I highly appreciate your commitment and service to the community. You are truly an example for others out there, and I respect you!

But please do not make me special, as much as I appreciate the effort that you put in to do everyone justice. I don't want you to change your vision of the mod just because some old German knowitall does not agree with your design choices. Period. I just wanted to have a (mostly mature) discussion and understand (and also argue and vent my feelings a little). Your input finally gave me that, and I thank you for this, as I can see that you have no sinister ideas with implementing this, but rather depict your vision of the dark ages without compromises. Kudos.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GorillaGuerrilla Author

Done. Feature is now called "Non-consensual Intercourse" and is by default disabled. you can enable it by one click in mod options.

Reply Good karma+8 votes

Dude... nice

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Amazing service to your fans. Top notch monkey man 👍👍👍👍 x

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

This guy Should have made bannerlord.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Few years ago I was dreaming about having such a mod, dreams do come true.

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