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Lot of new UI stuff, layout changes, texture updates and more. Check out DevLog video 18 for Astrox Imperium.

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I spent some time revamping the station services UI windows. They are now centered, and much larger. I thought this would allow for things to space out a bit, and not feel so cramped. I think it worked nicely. I finally got the new section up and running. There was a lot to do behind the scenes before I could progress past it.

The background event generator is now making persistent changes to the stations in the game, adjusting market prices and supply ratios.I plan on continuing to develop the generator, so that it can breathe life into the universe.

I have added a general pop up notification window, that is mostly used to alert the pilot to important information. Warnings about low cargo space, required skills, and level ups for now.

A few additional changes to the ship textures, and a bit more asset development for upcoming sector props. ;)

Follow along :)

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