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Devlog video 16 covers some changes to the fleet panel, the new ship details panel, and the beginnings of the life support panel.

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I have added some new formation functionality to the FLEET panel, allowing you to adjust the distance between the ships in your formation. Tighter formations work better with smaller ships, and the larger cruisers and carriers function better with a bit of distance between them.

The SHIP DETAILS panel is now accessible from the SHIP STATS panel, showing the base stat, and any addition modifications based on the currently equipt modules on the ship. Also accesible from the SHIPS STATS panel, is the LIFE SUPPORT panel. Life support for the ship is broken down into 4 categories. Food, Water, Thermal, and Waste. By managing these components, you can extend the distance your ship can travel without docking at a station or outpost.

I have nearly finished the designs and balancing of the main 36 ships. All that is left is setting some special abilities for each ships, and the damage resistance of each. Damage resistance is broken down into 3 areas. Impact, Energy, and Explosive damage. These values are differ for each ship, but are organized by the faction in which each ship is produced.

When ships are destroyed, they will now break apart into multiple salvagable chunks. The larger the ship, the better the salvage. You will need a salvage beam to collect these parts, and once you do, they can be refined into valuable components via the station refinery.<

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