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Hiring NPC Mercs from the stations to build your fleet, managing fleet formations, and individual ship tactics and behaviors.

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In this video, I show a bit more progress on the NPC Mercenaries. I have added some additional functionality to the Fleet UI panel, allowing you to manage the tactical stance of your formation. This lets you switch the Mercs behavior between evasive, neutral and aggressive. In evasive formation, a Mercs will immediately return to the nearest station when any damage is sustained. In neutral, the Mercs will stay by your side, target what you target, and basically follow orders. In aggressive, once damage is sustained, they will break formation and attack the target that attacked them first. This is great when you have a mixed fleet of combat and labor oriented ships. The workers can keep working, while the combat guys keep the rats off your tail.

I also show how Mercs are hired in the station lounge. fairly simple and straight forward at this point. When a Mercs is hired, he is removed from the list. When a Mercs is retired, they will return to their home station in their respective home sector, and will become available for rehire again.

I've worked a ton on getting all the ship templates put together, and I am just about done with all 36 base ships. I plan on doing about 5 variations per base ship, so that's about 180 ships total. Lots more to do on that front, but little by little, I am getting there.
Stay tuned for next weeks promo video... I will show of some combat stuff... it will be shinny!

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