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It has been a very long time since I have posted anything relating to Ak2. But here is some news!

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Howdy yall!
I know it has been a very long time since I have posted anything at all about AK2 or what has been going on behind the scenes. It has been a couple years. And with Covid and other stuff. (I got it myself and was down with it really bad for a while.) Anyway I would like to announce that I have decided to go back to developing AK2!

Here is a new video of what I have gotten done so far. It is nothing special But it was fun developing it again.

You might be asking yourself what this means for my other project? or not. Either way it means nothing really. I will still be developing it as well. The reason why I am going back to AK2 is I felt like I left everyone wanting. Honestly, I felt really bad about stopping the project. And really I have started missing developing this game. Assault Knights is my baby and I felt like it needed to be finished.

So there ya have it. Also, I will be posting new stuff about the game as time progresses and adding more pictures of the game as I develop it. I hope I have not lost the fanbase I had. But if I did. I can start over again. The game is quite a few years from being playable in any state. But I will keep yall posted. On here. Or on my new website!

Feel free to come check it out as well. It is a Game Design Social Media Website. I have made. It is a great place to come chat about games and show off your own projects. As well as get tips and tricks, as well as tutorials about game development!
Anyway, I really hope to hear from you guys soon!

Also here are a few pics to go with the video!

Unity 2023 01 19 15 35 47Unity 2023 01 19 15 35 13Unity 2023 01 19 15 34 48Unity 2023 01 19 15 33 13Unity 2023 01 19 15 32 26
Unity 2023 01 19 15 31 24

Night Hawk

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