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After nearly two years, we break the silence to give you a brief update on the project.

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Hello, long time no see. It has been nearly two years since the last update regarding Resurgence, and a year a half since the last update overall. Today, we pass by to share some information with you regarding the past, present and the future of the series.

Our last major update was Resurgence Reintroduction, back in August 2015. While we shared some hefty content in there, a lot has changed since then. It is not the first time, and the more I think about it, the more I am astonished by how uncannily accurate the title turned out to be. Anyway, I am not going to go into the great detail of the colorful history of the development (We're saving this article for a special occasion), but our journey is a long list of ups and downs. With that being said, I do not have any regrets as a lot of us has learned a lot through practice and the project has truly evolved since I began working on it nearly 6 years ago. What we've learned is not to take failure as a defeat, but as an opportunity to not make the same mistakes twice. That's why despite these ups and downs, Resurgence is very much still alive and in (relatively) active development. What happened is that we have decided to take a much more sensible approach to it, stop being overambitious (which seems like a pretty common problem in modding) and just make the project as it should've been long time ago.

So, what that means is that we have spent a great amount of time rehashing the formula and cutting loose from all features which seemed unfitting. Aside from that, of course, we've also remastered the entire artstyle. The storyline itself has also seen a change - as a matter of fact, it has been rewritten from the ground up. What happened to the original story then? Well, that's something we're going to tell you in the next update, but all I can say is that it hasn't gone to waste. The new Resurgence is set in the same location, it might feature some of the characters from the original storyline, and it takes place before the events of the original story. And one additional detail we want to tell you... Resurgence, Resurgence: The Union and the original storyline... all of these may or may not contain puzzle pieces which will allow you to piece together the real underlying plot of the series ;)

Also, one more thing that I think I should point out again is that Resurgence - while it takes place within the universe of Half-Life - is NOT meant to give you "more of the same". The gameplay style, the atmosphere and pretty much everything we do with this project is its own thing. That's why it's called Resurgence and not Half-Life 2: Resurgence. The universe might be the same, but the gunplay, the movement and the overall way of storytelling are vastly different. Also, it is safe to say that Resurgence is going to have MUCH darker tone than what you saw in the past content and official HL games themselves. Whether it's good or bad - it will be up for you to decide.

I think that's all for today, we hope to share more news with you later this summer including some new media! Also, we're looking forward to expanding our little team so if you are a 3D artist, level designer or animation artist, we invite you to take a peek at our Jobs page. Take care and see you around, citizens!

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This is nice to hear, and great to hear a dev team coming to terms with their limitations and working with that to deliver something eventually. Too many times I've seen modders biting off more then they can chew or being too overly ambitious and that usually results in lack of motivation and eventual abandonment of all assets D:

I look forward to your next update!

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JackOfBlackPhoenix Author

Yes, that's unfortunately a common occurrence with mods. That actually the main reason why I have decided to start a project of my own, I have sworn to complete something for once and not let it go to lie in the depths of internet.

In result of the past 20 months, you will be getting a much shorter game but far more polished and of higher quality than it would've been if we sticked with the 2014 version.

Thanks for being awesome! We're looking forward to the next update as well as we've got a full bag of media awaiting your judgement, hopefully this summer ;)

Have a good day!

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Damn, it hasn't even felt like 1.5 years. But hey, I'm excited to hear that this is still in development! That's all I personally needed to hear; I'm used to long development times. If I remember right, Black Mesa took almost nine years to complete, and it became sleeper hit in its own right. I have no doubt you guys will create a great project, I'll be waiting!

Now if only Star Citizen would take your advice and stop biting off more than they can chew... bastards.

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JackOfBlackPhoenix Author

True, and I'm sure that Black Mesa also went through multiple stages of improving itself. While I doubt that we're going to nearly as awesome as guys from Crowbar Collective are, we're still hoping that you will be thrilled to see what kind of grim insanity awaits you in City 37 and the surrounding areas!

Have a good day!

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Thank you for this very detailed new update!
Glad to hear you are ok and still working,


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Still very much supporting this mod. I've been waiting for an update for a while.

Good luck, Jack.

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