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Another weekly mini devlog about Orchard (hometown) making, this time is covering about village housing, feels and MC's home.

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Hey, it’s weekend already. This week’s progress is quite good, but as I’m still working more on the Orchard’s NPC and story programming, I can’t really share interesting new GIFs, so I’ll share what I got in past progresses.

This is the rough concept for villagers houses:


My vibe and feel benchmark?


Easy right? It’s Chrono Cross. I might not be able to pull the quality (artstyle direction will be different too) but at least I can make it feel similar, green, fresh and sunny. I’ve covered about general universe design here though.

I mostly take reference from Mongolian tents, Viking houses to make them housings, though I personally think I haven’t researched enough of both housing architectures and its culture, yet since I need to proceed to make assets, so I look as much references as possible for me to mix and match and quickly be done with it.

Here’s the steps of MC’s post (will be the first place after game starts) which located there:



At first I’m just aiming for a comfy home like Serge’s home (refer to indoor Chrono Cross pic above). It’s not final however as the MC’s ended up aspired as historian, I need to update it with bookshelves, ancient reports or scrolls, journals, and lot of ancient stuff, so it could sync well with the story. Right now it’s just looked like a normal treehouse or a hut without telling any further information. Also plan add basement later on.

Okay that’s all for this week :)

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See you next week!

~ Lazcht

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